Live Blog: A Day With Portishead's Adrian Utley

In the studio      24/07/13

Adrian Utley is as well known for his guitar work as he is for his devotion to using synthesizers in his productions. With a string of collaborations and production credits, Adrian works with the best: Goldfrapp, Massive Attack, Get The Blessing (Ade is an accomplished Jazz guitarist), Tom Jones, The Coral and others.

You can't of course ignore his long term involvement with Portishead , who's seminal album Dummy launched a whole new genre of dark, hip-hop influenced, atmospheric music.

Today Adrian is working on the final of a series re-mixes for Real World Records act Spiro.

Image: By Alterna2 ( (flickr) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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Finished. Off for beers and curry, then sleep in my bed that my children have probably filled with sand from the sand pit...

Thanks to Tim for his brilliant work, whos back off on tour with Bat For Lashes on Monday, so I won't be seeing him for a couple of months.


PS. Haven't done this before, hope it wasn't too dull...


Thats a wrap... time for recall sheets...


A last minute Obie bass addition...


The only plug-in used on the session. UAD BX1 Mono-maker on stereo bass


C90 Mixdown...


It’s been a strange challenge to express acoustic instruments with electronic monophonic instruments, and the solution has been elusive…but now I think we’ve found an answer…


Ade and Tim...


Really the only way to play a Solina..


Pyes on full clamp down...


Calrec action on the mix bus...


1920’s bass drum meets U47…


I am working on some Moog remixes of my friends Spiro, who are a very acoustic four piece with violin, mandolin, accordion and guitar, signed to Real World Records.

I am working with TJ Allen, who is engineering and programming, to a ridiculous deadline. We are using MIDI files provided by the band, which are then going to MIDI to CV converters to some of my old synths - Mini Moog, Moog Modular, Oberheim Two Voice, Jupiter 4, Maxi-Korg, SH101 and the ARP 2600.

The studio is insanely hot today, and the synths are going mental, which is fun….!


The key piece of gear in this session...


Still hot, still too much to do... But the 101 and blue delay are making us happy.


Too much heat and too much to do...


Good morning...


test post, will not show up on


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marty    Said... will be cold and balmy soon enough....

24-Jul-13 08:55 AM

OnImpulse    Said...

Thanks for the great blog!!! ;-)

24-Jul-13 09:00 AM

JB    Said...

Great insight into your working day Adrian, thanks for taking the time to share! I think you need to sell some of that outboard and buy some air con units! ;)

24-Jul-13 04:15 PM

Lemonmilk    Said...

Adrian..You are a hero to me and a motivation to keep creating music, in these mad times I revel in the madness of passion and am blind to the deterioration of logic, as logic points to no reason but sweet madness from passion... – Lemonmilk,2013.

25-Jul-13 01:45 AM

Ron    Said...

Nurse, he's out of bed again...

25-Jul-13 05:53 AM

GNeuman    Said...

"Dummy" still has to be one of the great innovative albums of all time, it's still right out there..Love the Bob Moog signed Minimoog too. Adrian, you are on cool musician, thanks for being so open and sharing with your creative and recording process!

Cheers, Mike

25-Jul-13 09:51 AM

Nick B    Said...

I spoke to Adrian this morning and thanked him for the blog - he said it was 42c in there at its peak

25-Jul-13 11:16 AM

MDV    Said...

Great blog thanks!

Can anybody explain what he means by "C90 mixdown"? Maybe mixing down to tape cassettes? If so I really need to give it a go!

25-Jul-13 03:13 PM

Nick B    Said...

I think thats exactly what he did - if you look at the top of that image, its a Tascam 122 pro tape deck.

26-Jul-13 04:24 AM

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