Turnkey Touchscreen DAW Controller And Complete Studio Consoles

Music Computing releases Modulas PRIME and Consoles      30/07/13

Music Computing has released Modulas PRIME and Modulas Consoles. Victor Wong, CEO, Music Computing, told us, "The Modulas product line is a new and prudent approach to controlling today's audio and video production software. By providing controls that can instantly adapt to any software application or plug-in, Modulas is the only control system that will always be 100% compatible today and in the future."

MotionCOMMAND Modulas is a system of touchscreens and other controls capable of controlling any music production or video editing software.

Modulas PRIME is a standalone 32" or 42" touchscreen controller that is designed to be used as an add-on to any desk or console.  Simply place the Modulas PRIME on a flat surface, plug in the USB and video cables, run the driver software and it's ready for use.   Standard number of simultaneous touch points is two or four but custom versions up to 40 touch points are available.

Modulas Consoles are turnkey professional consoles designed to be the center piece of any studio.  The following are the three models available: (1) Modulas Mix / DAW Console, (2) Modulas 42" Keyboard Workstation Console, and (3) Modulas 32" Keyboard Workstation Console.

The Modulas Mix / DAW Console is a traditional mixing console, which provides a center bay for a mixer or a Modulas Main Module (32" or 42"), and two 12U bays on each side capable of housing any combination of additional Modulas modules including the Modulas 22" portrait module, multiple Modulas 10" modules or the Modulas QWERTY computer keyboard module.  Two additional 4U rack bays are available on the top of each side for outboard gear.

The Modulas Keyboard Workstation Consoles have a center shelf where a Modulas PRIME can be placed as well as various other rack bays for Modulas modules.  The 32" version can accommodate a 32" Modulas PRIME while the 42" version can accommodate either a 32" or 42" Modulas PRIME.  Both models provide a space for placing a keyboard controller, keyboard workstation, or keyboard production station like the StudioBLADE and ControlB LADE.  The space is sufficient for up to an 88-key keyboard.

Modulas is compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8 and is capable of controlling all native multi-touch features within the operating systems as well as multi-touch functions in multi-touch capable software applications.  Modulas is also compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 and later.  However it is only single touch capable for all Mac OS X system level functions but can be multi-touch capable if the application running within Mac OS X is also multi-touch capable.  A wireless keyboard and mouse is also included with the Modulas PRIME and Consoles for detailed editing and text input for applications which may not be optimized for touchscreen use. 

Pricing and Availability:

Prices start at $2,099 and configuration engines are available in the Music Computing online store for each of the Modulas line so the perfect combination can be create for the user's needs. 

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