Sonic Touch 24: CME Xkeys and Thor

Portable poly aftertouch      20/08/13

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Gaz Williams - @gazgoldstar

Nick Batt - editor

Welcome to another episode of sonic TOUCH - the show dedicated to music creation on touchscreen devices.

Back after a spell which took Gaz all over the world touring, we look at the CME Xkeys - portable polyphonic aftertouch enabled keyboard and Propellerheads Thor.

As ever, we look forward to your comments and suggestions - please leave them below.

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dUFqn    Said...

I don't see the audio!

20-Aug-13 11:40 PM

OnImpulse    Said...

Good work, as always.

21-Aug-13 07:34 AM

Tim Webb    Said...

The production levels here are astounding. Is that 5 or 6 cameras?

Good deep dive into Thor, guys!

21-Aug-13 07:50 AM

thanassis    Said...

Welcome back! Great!

21-Aug-13 04:36 PM

Phil IV    Said...

Pretty cool Show guys totally pro

21-Aug-13 04:49 PM

Joshua    Said...

Thanks for the continued informative, and entertaining show.

21-Aug-13 07:08 PM

Athar    Said...

Awesome review..Thanks.

22-Aug-13 12:04 AM

Leslie    Said...

So mega happy to see Sonic Touch back, always informative, entertaining and beautifully executed. Hope to see it on weekly basis now ;)

22-Aug-13 03:00 AM

Pasi Keränen    Said...

Welcome back! I've used the io Dock in our band jams with iPad 4 with the adapter cable from Apple for over half a year without issues. The adapter with the short interconnect works best, the smaller adapter puts a bit of a strain on the connectors so wouldn't recommend it.

22-Aug-13 11:39 AM

stanbild    Said...

I managed to get get a CME Xkey from Thomann 2 weeks ago, if anyone's struggling to find them. Great fun.

24-Aug-13 02:25 AM

HansMono    Said...

Hey Guys.. i was wondering 'bout the ipad versions.. in the end You used 2 pads.. wich might that be? Wich version is Gaz playing on and how is the performance compared to the newer one?!

24-Aug-13 06:25 PM

-eirik-    Said...

Good read about midi/audio for ipad. Bought the behringer dac, and it works great! much improved audio from synth apps!

28-Aug-13 08:26 AM

Tudorfingers    Said...

Every time I watch this show I end up buying something. Waiting for my minirig to come in the post so I can blast Thor through it!

06-Sep-13 10:19 PM

Bobiorn    Said...

Cool show, last time I got Nave, now Thor, how many synths can one man have, not enough it would seem.

18-Oct-13 04:49 PM

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