Drum Leakage Suppression Tool

drumatom reduces microphone crosstalk in multichannel drum recordings      27/09/13

American pro audio software company Plugin Alliance has welcomed aboard digital audio technology startup accusonus as the latest Plugin Alliance partner brand. Here's what they have to say...

"Headquartered in Patras, Greece, the international team of engineers and qualified scientists at accusonus have developed drumatom, an advanced tool to reduce microphone crosstalk in multichannel drum recordings. This novel standalone software application for Mac and PC lets users adjust, reduce, or eliminate leakage in hitherto unimagined ways using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence. In fact, drumatom is based on patent-pending Advanced Audio Analysis - A3 technology to cleverly combine progressive principals of acoustics, signal processing, psychoacoustics, and music theory.

Put simply, accusonus truly thinks it's about time the phenomenal power of contemporary computing was heartily harnessed to trumpet the return of natural, great-sounding drums. drumatom does just that -- with workflow that complements the advanced algorithm that lies at its heart for the benefit of all by ably balancing speed and simplicity: simply launch drumatom and load drum channel files (by dragging and dropping them onto the GUI or using the menu option) which will then be grouped to corresponding TRACKS; select the drum type for each of the CHANNELS from the drop-down menu if necessary (though drumatom does this automatically in most cases); click on the PROCESS TRACK button (following which drumatom makes a processing pass); select individual drum CHANNELS and adjust leakage to taste using the FOCUS knob to remove leakage and the FINE TUNE knob to dial it back in; finally, click on the EXPORT TRACK button to export the processed version of the drum group (or export the individual drum CHANNELS by clicking on the icon next to the file name)... couldn't be simpler, surely?

The results surely speak for themselves, though. Impressive, indeed. Impressive enough to prompt Plugin Alliance CEO Dirk Ulrich to seek out the creators of this magical musical tool to take drumatom to the musical masses. Fortunately, Founder & CEO Alexandros Tsilfidis took to the proposed partnership, hence harnessing Plugin Alliance's proven prowess without abandon as the first external software developer to do so -- and a landmark move to boot.

accusonus had, however, already announced a September 2013 release date for drumatom before joining the Plugin Alliance, but have had to temporarily delay this to allow the product to be integrated into the tried-and-tested Plugin Alliance license activation system. Plugin Alliance is currently preparing a drumatom tutorial video in its Neve large format console-centred recording studio in readiness for this high-priority release.

In the meantime, the newly-formed Plugin Alliance and accusonus partnership will be announcing an official release date for Q4/2013 at the 135th International AES Convention at Jacob Javits Center in New York City on October 17-20 where they will be presenting drumatom and its underlying technology (with both private and NYC studio-based demos being available upon request). Here accusonus Founder & CTO Elias K Kokkinis will also be making a panel appearance on the WII - Audio Source Separation workshop alongside representatives from Adobe Research (USA), Audionamix (France), Dublin Institute of Technology (Ireland), and Standford University (USA) in what promises to be an ear-opening session.

Either way, the productive Plugin Alliance and accusonus partnership looks forward to hearing from you and letting you hear drumatom soon. We think you'll be impressed!"

Pricing and Availability:

drumatom will soon be available to purchase and directly download from the Plugin Alliance web store.

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