Line 6 Updates StageScape M20d

v1.2 Software brings new Fader View and Artist Presets      01/10/13
Line 6 Updates StageScape M20d

Line 6 has announced that v1.2 software for the StageScape M20d smart mixing system is now available. They say that this update further enhances the StageScape M20d live sound experience by adding intuitive Fader Views and all-new signal chain presets created by world-class live sound engineers.

Max Gutnik, Vice President of Products, Line 6, told us, "The StageScape M20d mixing paradigm continues to evolve with v1.2 software. Now musicians can choose the mixer view they are most comfortable with, and quickly dial in professional-caliber live sound thanks to presets designed by experienced touring artists."

With v1.2 software, musicians now have the choice of alternating between the innovative stage-based mixing view and a more traditional fader-based view whenever they want. The new fader screens emulate the look and feel of a conventional mixer, and can be used to control channel and group levels, monitor sends, FX returns, and outputs. Fader View also enables customers to mix monitor sends on faders for those "Can I get more me in my monitor?" moments. And when singers want to hear reverb or delay on their vocals, users can send master effects to their monitors.

Fader View is available on the StageScape M20d display as well as the StageScape Remote iPad app. For the best of both worlds, musicians can use Stage View and Fader View together. For example, set StageScape M20d to Stage View and an iPad to Fader View and bank through faders simply by touching icons. It's a faster, more intuitive experience than other digital consoles.

To help musicians get professional results quickly, v1.2 software also introduces all-new signal chain presets designed by A-list front-of-house engineers:

  • Brad Madix (Rush) contributes a complete set of rock presets--including kick, snare, bass, guitar, and vocal.
  • Daniele Di Giovanni (James Brown, Ray Charles, Dave Grusin, Lee Ritenour, Mike Stern) offers a stereo Jazz Piano preset developed using the Earthworks Piano Mic System.

Pricing and Availability:

StageScape M20d v1.2 software is available now at no extra charge, and can be downloaded via

More information:



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