New Version Of the Mopho

Dave Smith Instruments announces the Mopho Special Edition keyboard      16/10/13
New Version Of the Mopho

Dave Smith Instruments has introduced a special edition of its popular monophonic analog synthesizer, the Mopho Keyboard.

DSI's Andrew McGowan, told us, "The Mopho family of instruments has been ground-breaking for us and for our customers in terms of value. And I think it's pretty apparent from the way the industry responded that we were on to something with smaller, more affordable, but full-featured instruments, whether modules or keyboards. But there is no typical synthesizer user and we've gotten feedback from customers who loved the synth's sound and features, but who wanted an instrument with a larger keyboard. Now there is one."

The Mopho SE (special edition) sports an expanded, full-sized, 44-note, semi-weighted keyboard with velocity sensitivity and aftertouch. The larger keyboard facilitates certain playing techniques--like smears for synth bass lines--and is more appropriate for use as a MIDI controller both onstage and in the studio. Even with the additional octave of keys, it's still just a little more than 25 inches long and its trim profile and light weight make it ideal for gigging. And, like the other Mopho Keyboards, the polyphony can be expanded with the addition of a DSI Tetra or another Mopho synth.

The front panel artwork is now screen printed directly onto the Mopho SE's sturdy metal enclosure. And it features a full complement of the Prophet 12's great looking, and even better feeling, soft-touch knobs.

"A lot of synths in this price range have to cut corners to hit a price point; the Mopho SE takes a no compromise approach. As a family of products, these instruments offer great sound and a lot of bang for the buck to a wide variety of players," concluded McGowan. "There's a Mopho for just about every synth need."

Pricing and Availability:

The Mopho SE will be shipping by the end of October with a projected MAP of US$949.

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GTRman    Said...

A Mopho with one more octave of keys. Not very innovative Dave. The Prophet 12 was a great leap in the forward direction but cost was a factor in this economy. How about a Prophet 12 setup with 1,4 or even 8 voices to bring down cost. Now that would be something to write home about. I am glad to see the yellow case gone.

16-Oct-13 09:29 AM

raphus    Said...

Products that are not innovative can still be brilliant at meeting people's needs. I'd pay a lot for a Tetra keyboard, for instance, which would be spectacular for my needs despite not being particularly innovative. I'm really glad to see that DSI just keeps pumping out great products--both innovative ones, and variations on their innovative themes.

16-Oct-13 01:40 PM

keytar1    Said...

A one more octave keyboard is really brilliant? Boy are you easy to pleased. I agree that there is nothing new here but I would buy this one over the original just because it is not yellow.

16-Oct-13 02:49 PM

raphus    Said...

If people need a longer keyboard, then a longer keyboard could be described as "brilliant at meeting people's needs."

Is that controversial? Is there no room in the synth market for different versions of an instrument to meet different needs? Should Fender stop making guitars because each new model is not a paradigm-changing innovation?

16-Oct-13 04:26 PM

selercs    Said...

Mr. Dave, I am still waiting for an Alesis Andromeda competitor from you...16 voice polyphonic analog synth with digital effects :)

16-Oct-13 09:29 PM

eXode    Said...

Perhaps they are planning to phase out the original MoPho Keyboard, thus reducing manufacturing costs by using the same chassi for both the MoPho SE and the MoPho X4. Just a thought anyway.

17-Oct-13 01:08 AM

Simon    Said...

Good move and ballpark to please more Keyboard players. I'm not talking about Dubstep comps still if you can play 2.5 oct. you can play on 3 and more oct. Always welcome to get more octaves on synth and improve solos on keys instead doing chops on +- octave button !!!

17-Oct-13 10:05 PM

Nano    Said...

To raphus:

I have DSI tetra and its crap. Don't waste your money if they make keyboard version. It's not warm at all! It very metallic sound and the knobs are terrible. I regret buying tetra.

19-Oct-13 10:28 AM

Peter K.    Said...

I like the Tetra and its a very deep analog engine. Don't forget about the sequencers and its Combi mode. Mine appears well made, and it makes for a great partner with the Mopho X4.

19-Oct-13 01:30 PM

raphus    Said...

I'd love the Tetra/MoPhoX4 combination--more synthesis power than a Prophet 08.

It's interesting how people who are critical of a synth are so often vehemently critical of every aspect of a synth. No nuance, no high points and low points. There are undoubtedly those who think the Prophet 5 was "crap." Horses for courses.

19-Oct-13 10:49 PM

MoPhoOwner    Said...

I recall seeing an interview with Dave where he said they've looked into a Tetra keyboard but the cost ended up being so close to the Prophet 8 they worried nobody would buy it.

20-Oct-13 04:38 PM

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