Magma Announces Next Generation Of Thunderbolt Expansion Chassis

ROBEN-3 will be available soon      18/10/13
Magma Announces Next Generation Of Thunderbolt Expansion Chassis

Magma has introduced the newest addition to their league of Thunderbolt products. They say that ROBEN-3, the superlative sidekick for Thunderbolt technology will burst upon the scene soon. Here's what they have to say about it...

What is ROBEN-3?
The headlines are true. ROBEN-3 is simply the most anticipated technology release for serious creative professionals. Magma's next generation of Thunderbolt expansion chassis will power workstations to a whole new level, with an impressive display of super powers.

ROBEN-3 features 3-slots of PCIe expansion capacity with a robust, high speed backplane. The rack-mountable aluminum chassis was designed for integrated removable storage expansion, with room for up to 8 hot pluggable 2.5" SSD, SAS or SATA hard drives. This added power can be channeled through lightning fast Thunderbolt technology at 10Gbps, with the option of 20Gbps bandwidth with the roll-out of Thunderbolt 2 capable devices. With 3-Slot PCIe and internal storage expansion, ROBEN-3 empowers the serious audio, video, and design professional to transform their computer into a powerful workstation - a sidekick for the creative hero.

ROBEN-3 also allows you the option to host a MacMini within the chassis creating an integrated rackmount server with direct Thunderbolt connection to 3-slot PCIe expansion slots. MacMini external connectivity is provided through the front and rear panels, including a secure I-Lok housing allowing you to lock your valuable application or plug-in licenses right to the chassis.

Magma's new ROBEN Series - Unleash The Power
Fuel your creative genius by adding a host of specialty PCIe cards to any Thunderbolt-equipped computer to achieve expanded performance in every working environment. ROBEN's innovative backplanes seamlessly integrate PCIe expansion, storage, and Thunderbolt connectivity all into a family of powerful and flexible chassis. With the fastest card-to-card communication, integrated high capacity storage, and the largest expansion capacity on the market, ROBEN sets the bar for high-end Thunderbolt based computing.

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