Sequencing With Balls

UplandToys release free BallSequencer for Max 4 Live      24/10/13
Sequencing With Balls

UplandToys BallSequencer is a sequencer based around the idea of MIDI messages being generated by balls moving around inside a rectangular area. Notes are triggered whenever a ball collides with the boundary of the rectangle. You can set parameters that will control the movement of each ball, in addition to possible note and velocity values depending on which wall is hit. All parameters have a brief explanation which can be viewed by opening the live help window and hovering over the parameters.

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Meaningless_Sequencing    Said...

Yawn! Another piece of software crap that's got nothing to do with music. What will version 2 have - cubes? Software developers - please stop writing crap like this - it isn't worth the promotion space on Sonicstate.

By the time we've read the blurb on crap like this, we're already annoyed that we spent that amount of our lives reading about this nonsense (and even more time having to post to protest agains this utter dribble being perpetuated) by geeks with no musicianship looking to make a quick buck.

24-Oct-13 03:02 PM

Meaningless_comment    Said...

Erm.. it's free. As in, it doesn't cost any money. You're the one spreading nonsense and negativity here.

24-Oct-13 05:18 PM

Meaningless_Sequencing    Said...

It's free??You think that? Suggest you go read a little about how business works...

On a more earnest note, there is too much of this rubbish being released and promotes on music technology sites. It's all rubbish - junk.

25-Oct-13 03:00 AM

Knut    Said...

Wow, amazed at the hostility on display here. Haters gonna hate I guess... A lot of people would beg to differ, though:

And yes, this is for the original version which was released 7 years ago. So much for your "quick buck"... I'm fully aware of how freebies are often used to bring in cash on other paid products. This is not the case here, so you're comment is a total misfire on all accounts. Granted, an experimental sequencer like this will not be for everyone, but luckily people are allowed to have different opinions and have fun making music in different ways. I would love to see what you have contributed to the music-making community, though.

25-Oct-13 04:09 AM

UplandToys    Said...

At a guess M_S is just trolling, who could legitimately get that incensed by a free max app that you can choose to use or ignore.

The only kind of person who would sincerely be that passionate about hating on this app is possibly someone who may have had a terrible personal experience with 'balls' in the past so hates anything associated with them...I'm just saying :)

25-Oct-13 09:23 AM

Meaningless_Sequencing    Said...

My comments were meant in earnest. The issue is - there is an endless stream of apps and plugins developed (apparently) by non-musician computer geeks who link any sort of ad-hoc visual or algorithmic impulse to generating MIDI notes and other events.

While accept that on occasion some of these can nod in the direction of something interesting musically-speaking, most of them are rubbish; clog up music tech news and forums alike.

Of course anyone is free to develop these, but as a composer and musician jaded by a plethora of software junk for iPad and computer alike, I'm also entitled to put the arguably legitimate potion across that there is too much of this meaningless crap being released.

It is becoming ever more difficult to identify what constitutes meaningful musical technological development (from the sheer number of daily news posts of this stuff) - but more importantly - for the new and unsuspecting musician trying to figure out how to proceed with learning and engaging music technology, this sort of junk clutters the path, and is arguably a con. There is very little that is meaningful musically speaking from this sort of nonsense. I know all the arguments about horses for courses and so on; but we all know a good synthesiser - and a good sequencer - and so should it be as straight forward fas possible for a new musician to be able to navigate the already dense music technology market without having to spend time - and money (eventually) - on this junk.

I have an iPad filled with this stuff and it has all turned out to be a pile of nothing. I'd even include Jordan Rudess's morpho-wiz in this - it's just a pile of junk.

So if you are prepared to tolerate endless releases like this, then you need to be prepared for a reaction based on a desire to see better, more meaningful musical designs adorn the news pages, and not endless streams of this rubbish.

26-Oct-13 03:05 PM

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