New Studiologic Pianos Available In The UK

Numa Concert and Numa Stage pianos are now shipping      08/11/13

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Following the company's recent appointment as UK distributor for Studiologic, MSL Professional has commenced shipments of the new Studiologic Numa Concert and Numa Stage pianos – latest additions to a keyboard range that they say has proved outstanding for its authentic touch and playability, expressive articulation and dynamic response. Here's their own description of the two new pianos:

The Numa Concert is an 88-key professional, live performance digital piano and high definition keyboard controller with graded hammer action and triple switch contact system that provides the authentic touch, fast repetition rate and dynamic control typical of a real acoustic piano.

The sound of each note has been carefully recorded on reference pianos at multiple dynamic levels, using a range of close and surround studio microphones for best possible quality. Recordings have been combined and layered to produce the final library of Concert Grand and Stage Grand sounds, each based on 9 dynamic levels (from pianissimo to fortissimo), with the various layers interpolated in real time with cross-filtering and loudness parameters. Sonic realism is further enhanced by physical modelling technology to produce Strings Resonance, Soundboard Resonance and Sympathetic Resonance - key components of true acoustic piano sound. These elements can be controlled and added in varying amounts to suit different playing styles and genres.

Control over the instrument's complex sound structure is via a Fatar TP/40 keyboard with solid wood white keys, three contacts per key and hi-resolution velocity measuring system. Its unique "ivory touch" surface ensures the kind of performance control and accuracy that is normally only associated with acoustic concert pianos.

The Numa Stage is a powerful new instrument set to replace the widely acclaimed Numa Piano as Studiologic's flagship portable stage piano. Equipped with an 88-key hammer action keyboard (with three contacts per key for a fast dynamic response), its overall specification, sound structure and main features are derived from the Numa Concert. Featuring a choice of 12 different popular sounds with 128-voice polyphony, the Numa Stage also has an enhanced MIDI module section, with editable parameters, that enables the control of two separate MIDI zones, either in spilt or layer mode. Its light, portable configuration and sleek appearance, combined with its amazing sound quality and flexibility, makes it an ideal resource for professional performance applications.

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