Vote For King Of The MonoSynths 2013

Gear of the Year - have your say-      08/11/13
Vote For King Of The MonoSynths 2013

No doubt about it , this year has seen a real funfest for analog monosynth lovers. We've so many new, low cost units to choose from, bringing Analogue synthesis to a whole new level of affordability.

As we've reviewed many of these synths this year, we thought we'd run a readers poll and see which synth you thought fit to be crowned King of The Mono Synths 2013 - tada!

It's a democratic process, unlike yer actual monarchy, but we're all power to the people here at Sonic Towers. So cast your vote below for the synth that you think deserves the title - if it's not listed, then put it in the "other" box. Please feel free to comment on the process too - debate is a good thing - especially in a democracy right?


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blox electrix    Said...

Must say, it's tricky choosing just one ! I mean ,i'd like to say ms20m because it ticks so many boxes but then the sub-phatty is a killa too. The buchla is in a league of its own & probably slays the lot but then not many people are buying it in comparison to the other models. There's a couple there i havn't heard...Hmmmmm, thricky !

08-Nov-13 10:09 AM

Mattsynth    Said...

This one is easy for me. The Novation Bass Station because it has full size keys, patch storage and sounds great. Sub Phatty would come in second because of it's cost and limited patch storage.

08-Nov-13 11:30 AM

Champ    Said...

Cant choose.

Well its not going to be anything from Korg thats for sure. The Bass Station II is all about fun. The Sub Phatty means baseness. About the Boomstars I first demand a Sonicstate review. :-P Waldorf Pulse 2 I still haven't had the time to play with, Rocket should've been build better. Buchla... I'm just not nerdy enough yet to feel attractive towards it.

08-Nov-13 11:32 AM

Rens    Said...

still waiting for the mfb dominion1..

08-Nov-13 01:08 PM

Tribrix    Said...

Isn't the new DSI Black Mopho Keyboard missing from this list.

08-Nov-13 01:09 PM

Nick B    Said...

2013 release? Please put it in the Other box if you want to vote for it.

08-Nov-13 01:35 PM

Tribrix    Said...

Hi Nick, I thought it was out already but I may be mistaken. I voted for the Microbrute though. The new Mopho isn't so different from the old one, IMO.

08-Nov-13 01:49 PM

brian from usa    Said...

I voted Mopho SE because 44 keys beats the crap out of 25 keys. Waiting for the 13 key trend...

08-Nov-13 08:57 PM

Ununseptium    Said...

Are you taking the p*ss with the buchla music easel 2? I mean, talk about comparative costs...

09-Nov-13 06:40 AM

8090Analogman    Said...

the question was not about cost here.. just about what you would get if you could..

09-Nov-13 08:16 AM

gridsleep    Said...

Analog Sulutions Station X Arturia Microbrute Arturia Minibrute Dave Smith Instruments Evolver Dave Smith Instruments Mopho Dave Smith Instruments Mopho Keyboard Dave Smith Instruments Mopho Special Edition Dave Smith Instruments Tetr4 Doepfer Dark Energy Dubreq Ltd. Stylophone S2 Electronic Muse Works A2(?) Electronic Muse Works WCS-1 Eowave Domino Eowave Magma Gotharman's DIY deMoon Korg Monotribe Korg Monotron Korg Monotron Delay Korg Monotron Duo Korg MS-20 Mini Korg Volca Bass Korg Volca Beats Korg Volca Keys MFB-Kraftzwerg MFB Microzwerg MFB Synth II MFB Synth Lite II Mode Machines Synthlab SL-1 Moog Minitaur Moog Slim Phatty Moog Sub Phatty Novation BassStation 2 Open Music Labs Mixtape Alpha Reon Driftbox Spectral Audio Neptune II Studio Electronics Boomstar Studio Electronics SE-1 Tom Oberheim SEM Vermona Mono Lancet Waldorf Pulse 2 Each under $1000. That's more new analogs than some of the classic analog years.

09-Nov-13 11:38 PM

Alex    Said...

It's a joke when trying to compare a Buchla instrument with <$1000 analog mono synths. I would put it first or second if I could buy it, but, I guess that only some wealthy musicians/collectors can have one....and yes, the price was always a serious factor for the average musician...

10-Nov-13 08:32 AM

factual act    Said...

It's NOT about comparison. Just which would you vote for , for your reasons !

11-Nov-13 09:10 AM

selercs    Said...

Soundwise Korg MS20. But it lacks patch storage which is a bummer.

11-Nov-13 11:03 AM

Dr.Filterstein    Said...

Bass Station 2 is without doubt the best bang for Buck. The Multimode Filter sounds fantastic doesen't eat the bass. Novation did a fantastic job.

11-Nov-13 03:12 PM

HotWheelsMallory    Said...

BassStation2 gets my vote. Novation incorporated a lot of features you wanna see in a 2013 monosynth at a low price. The music easel? Well for $4000 you could buy an eventide and sound like a god or get the easel and sound like a well made percolating little bug. Might as well go for a sunsyn and call it a day.

12-Nov-13 09:04 AM

Artur    Said...

WHERE IS THE SMALLEST BIG BOX ;-) i miss the monotron´s ;-) makes so much fun for industrial und noisy drums ( used with spd 11 ) small setup > big great sounds :-)

13-Nov-13 04:42 PM

Peter K.    Said...

I gotta give it up for the Bass Station II. It's the best all rounder, sounds great, feels good, the bus power is surprisingly convenient too. Love it!!

13-Nov-13 10:24 PM

Stingray    Said...

We own the MicroBrute and MS20Mini. Ms20mini wins if it's this year. Otherwise microbrute, bass station2 was not good. Another write in would be the Pittsburgh Modular Synth Block, own that as well. Awesome Eurorack synth for the money.

Korg Ms20mini (own) Arturia MicroBrute (own) Pittsburgh Modular Synth Block (own) Novation Bass Station 2 (do not own)

13-Nov-13 11:50 PM

How I really feel    Said...

Comparing a Bass Station to an Easel is like comparing a Ford F150 to a 1937 Hispano Suiza. One is a shovel, and the other is the prince's sceptre.

These comments are an embarrassment to the synth community.

14-Nov-13 01:08 AM

Joey    Said...

Elektron Analog Four. And it's not even in the list??? Btw I feel a bit unfair to see a Buchla between those synths :))

14-Nov-13 02:55 AM

ESSIO    Said...

I only have the minibrute, wish i could try all, I think it would be very stiff competition anyway

14-Nov-13 05:56 AM

Essio    Said...

I only have the minibrute, wish i could try all, I think it would be very stiff competition anyway

14-Nov-13 05:56 AM

cresshead    Said...

korg volca bass, great sounds, great price, no need to hook up to a computer to set it's midid channel (take note arturia), has sync, a speaker, 3 channel sequencer, runs off batteries and you can put it in your Large coat pocket!

14-Nov-13 10:21 AM

Nick B    Said...

Elektron A4 was released last year I'm afraid...Otherwise it would be on the list

14-Nov-13 06:07 PM

TexasRioGrande    Said...

Novation's BS2 deserves attention as they greatly improved and modernized upon the original synth.

20-Nov-13 08:54 AM

Fuck Israel    Said...

Cyclone Bass Bott,XOXBOX,Acid Lab. It is a great time for synthesizers.Wonderful not to see the apple mac pricks sticking their noses into the actual subject of synthesizers.

21-Nov-13 01:57 PM





22-Nov-13 02:00 AM

BuddySytem    Said...

I like what I fucking love Israel wrote! Tired of paying full price for a vst just to see the same thing sold for chump change to iPad sheeple.

22-Nov-13 08:23 AM

ArpSolina    Said...

I voted for the best 2013 analogue monosynth : MACBETH MICROMAC DESKTOP

27-Nov-13 02:10 PM

Peter K.    Said...

Just tried the Pulse 2 for a few brief moments today. I must say that I was VERY impressed!!

28-Nov-13 02:10 AM

E03    Said...

Voted for Arturia Microbrute. Little biased as i've just brought one but what an awesome machine!! Hooked up to my existing cv gear beautifully (Full Roland Sys100, tb303/606, Ms20, 700s, cs30L, Emulator e3 rack, Monotribe). Killer sequencer, mean sound, and good build quality. i hope the brute wins:). Nice work Arturia.

01-Dec-13 12:57 AM

C.M.I    Said...

My pick would have to be the Novation bass station II. I think Novation did a great job by providing an accessible yet deep synth with lots of control for a great price. I recommended it to a friend who was looking to get into subtractive synthesis and he´s thrilled with it. Oh and it sounds great too

01-Dec-13 06:51 PM


I have everything on the list except the buchla and it's a tough choice, each one has a it's own strengths and weaknesses (ie, I like the BS 2 for the full size keys, extended patch storage, and price whereas I'd still grab the sub phatty for most bass line work.). that said, I voted for the MS20 just because Korg balls to re-release a semi-modular piece like that at a reasonable price. I still prefer my original MS20, but just the fact I can go in a store and pick up something that hits at 90% of the original for 1/3 the price does it for me, I'm hoping Korg continues on this road and maybe we get a "new" Polysix sometime soon.

03-Dec-13 10:42 AM

chromaexpander    Said...

Also quite enamored of the micro brute as a successor to the Minibrute (which I though was going to be a let down, but is a cool piece on its own...)

03-Dec-13 10:43 AM

SteveDave    Said...

There's only one choice: the Microbrute. Look what you get! Look what it costs!

03-Dec-13 04:01 PM

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