Free Synth Fuses Frequency Modulation And Phase Distortion

Beat Assist releases Mantra VSTi for Windows      10/12/13

Free Synth Fuses Frequency Modulation And Phase Distortion

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Beat Assist tells us that Mantra is a Windows 32-bit synth that fuses Frequency Modulation and Phase Distortion synthesis. they say that it features 32 voices, offers a 64 preset range soundbank with sample presets, and loads/saves .fxb banks.

  • This VSTi is composed by two oscillator modules having three panels each.
  • The FM Module has the basic waveforms that are followed by three waveform carriers (Sine/Saw/Triangle).
  • The Phase Distortion Module has several waveforms divided in two waveform pickers.
  • Mantra also has a short effects table.
  • Mantra runs on Windows Xp/Vista/Win7 32-bit and Win7 64-bit bridged.


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