Musicians And Engineers #1 Complaint solved

Free 6 Keys To Musical Prosperity teleseminar shows you how to get more work      13/01/14
Musicians And Engineers #1 Complaint solved

What's the #1 complaint of musicians, bands and recording engineers today? According to producer/engineer and best selling author Bobby Owsinski, it's that no one truly addresses how they can get more work. Until now. Owsinski's free 6 Keys To Musical Success teleseminar is promising to show them the techniques used by by the pros to get to the next level of success.

Bobby Owsinski tells us, "In talking with my blog and social media followers, one thing that was made very clear is that while there's lots of advice as to how to improve one's skill, there's not much out there about how to get ahead in the music business. Quite simply, I had the same problem myself, and that's why I wanted to present this free teleseminar. What I'm offering in '6 Keys To Musical Prosperity' is to show them the 6 things that I've noticed over the years that the hit makers in our business have done to become a success."

The '6 Keys to Musical Prosperity' teleseminar, which will take place Tomorrow, Tuesday January 14th at 7PM Eastern/4PM Pacific, also features some words of wisdom from multi-platinum mixer and host of Pensado's Place Dave Pensado, and bass player to the stars Paul ILL. Together they describe the essence of what it takes to get more and better gigs, and what it takes to work with the superstars that we hear on the radio every day.

"The first time I presented the "6 Keys To Musical Prosperity' teleseminar the response was overwhelming," said Owsinski, "which is why I thought it was time to do it again."

Among the topics covered during the teleseminar are:

  • The strategy the musical director for a major artist used to go from unknown to platinum almost overnight.
  • How to increase your odds of working with a hit artist or signing with a manager or agent.
  • Understanding the mindset of major artists and producers and what gets them to hire you.
  • How to develop your personal or your band's brand in order to stand out from the crowd.
  • How to hone your musical skill set so you can hang with the best.

About Bobby Owsinski:

Producer/engineer Bobby Owsinski is one of the best selling authors in the music industry with 23 books that are now staples in audio recording, music, and music business programs in colleges around the world, including the recently released Deconstructed Hits series, Social Media Promotion For Musicians, The Mixing Engineer's Handbook and more. He's also a contributor to Forbes, writing on the new music business, and his popular blogs are nearing 4 million visits.
Visit Bobby's music production blog at, his Music 3.0 music industry blog at

Pricing and Availability:
The "6 Keys To Musical Prosperity" teleseminar is free and will be presented at 7PM Eastern/4PM Pacific on Tuesday January 14th.
Those that are interested in registering can visit the URL listed below.

More information:


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