New MOTU 828x Interface With Thunderbolt

MOTU's best-selling audio interface now features Thunderbolt connectivity      22/01/14

MOTU has been in touch to tell us about the new version of their 828x audio interface with Thunderbolt technology.

A spokesperson had this to say, "The 828x connects to a Mac or PC computer with ultra-fast Thunderbolt or hi-speed USB 2.0 and delivers DSP effects and mixing for all 28 inputs and 30 outputs with 32-bit floating point processing. Effects include classic reverb, modeled analog EQ, and vintage compression modeled after the legendary LA-2A. Two mic/guitar 'combo' style inputs provide transparent preamps, true hi-Z guitar input, and hardware limited signal overloaded protection. All analog inputs offer digitally controlled analog trim."

Pricing and Availability:
Now shipping.

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Jony Ive Says    Said...

When is someone going to make a thunderbolt unit with this many ins and outs but in a laptop footprint with faders and fluorescent read out and real time control . People are mobile these days whats with the RACK all the time ??? Kinda like having a land line :(

22-Jan-14 01:33 AM

Rollmottle    Said...

Are you shitting me with that music?

22-Jan-14 02:01 AM

Woo    Said...

The ad agency said, "make the music radical to the extreme!!!"


22-Jan-14 11:00 AM

traditional house/trance guy    Said...

>> Are you shitting me with that music?

Wasn't going to watch the video until I saw this comment.

Was not disappointed. [snicker snicker snicker]

22-Jan-14 05:46 PM

Ivor Cliché    Said...

is that not the same music that has been used in every ad for synth gear for the last decade? it usually involves an unshaven, dishevelled youngster grabbing a cool piece of kit, dropping it into a back pack and then rocking out in front of a room of adoring fans.

22-Jan-14 05:54 PM

traditional house/trance guy    Said...

no, the grimestep/dubcore/grimedubstepcore stuff has only gained wide exposure the last five years or so. kill me now.

22-Jan-14 06:05 PM

EmmmGUH    Said...

Haters be rational n' shit with their incisive observations that border on the axiomatic...

24-Jan-14 07:14 AM

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