Prophet 12 Module Is Now Shipping

Dave Smith Instruments' twelve-voice hybrid digital/analog synthesizer is available now      07/02/14
Prophet 12 Module Is Now Shipping

Dave Smith Instruments has announce that its Prophet 12 module, the space-saving tabletop and rack-ready reworking of its 2013 NAMM Show-launched Prophet 12 keyboard, the twelve-voice hybrid digital/analog synthesizer that company founder and renowned designer Dave Smith duly declared his 'best synth' is now shipping.

Dave Smith had this to say, "We have had many requests from professional musicians for a small, easily portable version of the Prophet 12 keyboard, with all the same features and incredible sound. The new Prophet 12 module is just that: it has all the power of the Prophet 12 keyboard -- in fact, it has the exact same voice board -- and it fits into a backpack. People like small these days. Many musicians also have more than enough keyboards, or simply don't use keyboards. The Prophet 12 module offers a sleek design that still gives you easy and incredibly fast and intuitive control over all parameters."

You can see our video interview with Dave Smith at th NAMM show here, and here's a description of the new module in DSI's own words...

Just like its Prophet 12 keyboard counterpart, the twelve-voice hybrid digital/analog Prophet 12 module not only boasts the greatest number of voices of any instrument from the distinguished designer to date, but each of those voices features four OSCILLATORS capable of generating classic and complex waveforms, a sub-oscillator (Sub Octave), resonant LOW-PASS FILTER and HIGH-PASS FILTER, and analog VOLTAGE CONTROLLED AMPLIFIER. Additional features include a tuned FEEDBACK path, a four-tap stereo DELAY per voice, expanded ARPEGGIATOR functionality, deep MODULATION capabilities, bi-timbral operation, and much more besides. The CHARACTER section adds a variety of out of the ordinary wave-shaping and sound-sculpting options like Girth (low shelf filtering that boosts low frequencies, with some extra harmonic modification at higher settings), Air (high shelf filtering that boosts high frequencies, with some extra harmonic modification at higher settings), Hack (reduces the bit depth of the mixed output from the oscillators), Decimation (reduces the sample rate of the mixed output from the oscillators), and Drive (emulates tape saturation).

Despite its comparatively diminutive dimensions, the back panel I/O of the Prophet 12 module matches that of the Prophet 12 keyboard in almost all aspects -- apart from featuring an external power supply in the interests of making it as compact and portable as possible. Headphones, Main/A Outputs, B Outputs, MIDI Thru, MIDI Out, MIDI In, Pedal 1, Pedal 2, Sustain, and USB connectivity are all present and accounted for, making musical communication with the outside world a breeze.

Pricing and Availability:

The Prophet 12 module has an MAP of $2,199.00 USD and can be purchased from any authorized Dave Smith Instruments dealer.

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Henri    Said...

Oh boy! We need your review on this module ASAP! :)

07-Feb-14 06:21 AM

Peter K    Said...

Yeah, what Henri said!!

08-Feb-14 05:43 PM

Synth_Fan    Said...

This just does not inspire me, at all. The P12 sounds amazing, but the keyboard version has a wonderful control surface. Why isn't on this?? I don't get it.

There are exquisite plugins - even free ones - that can sound amazing and have the full capability of a computer GUI. Why on earth, would anyone buy this device, back to the 'decorating the hall through the letter box' concept of the DX7.

I suspect this just will not sell. Lots of people will admire it, but when faced with a $2000 + bill for a few knobs to get a hundreds of parameters, I don't care how eloquent the OS is - it will ALWAYS be slow, cumbersome and remain unprogrammed.

BIG mistake in my opinion. It should have the same control surface as the keyboard version.

Accept the sound is great, but that's only one part of what a synth is (especially for this price).

By contrast - Keyboard version - stunning in every department - a masterpiece.

10-Feb-14 03:49 PM

Peter K    Said...

Just got the keyboard yesterday. It truly is a masterpiece...

I think the main advantages of a module format like this is that it's easy to transport, and it's a thousand dollars cheaper than the keyboard. As far as the interface goes, I'm sure it won't be as fast as the keyboard, but from the videos I've seen, it looks like it will be pretty quick to get around for its size.

11-Feb-14 08:17 PM

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