Sample-Based Synthesis For Kontakt

YummyBeats releases Massive Evolutions II      17/02/14

YummyBeats says that the Massive Evolutions II was especially designed for Electronic Music where massive synth swappings and innovative, unique Synths are required. They tell us that you can load up to 10 presets and sound variations from a large pool and switch between them only with a few Key strokes via dynamic key switches (green keys).

A spokesperson told us, "The basic sound pool contains lots of different Leads, Basses, Pads Arpeggios, FX with several sound variations of each Synthesizer which let you 'morph' the Sounding individually during the performance. So the Massive Evolutions II can become essential during live performances and of course it's also inspiring your studio productions. Especially regarding Dubstep, NeuroFunk, NeuroHop and any Synth based productions where massive sound swappings or interesting new synths are required. All Synths are post-processed with lots of innovative FX, so you won't ever find most of the sounds in any regular Synth."

Here's the details in YummyBeats' own words...

The Massive Evolutions II is more than a sample based Synthesizer, since it is quite as functional as usual Synths. It uses several Envelope Generators, LFOs, Filters, an it has a basic FX section. You can furthermore assign custom MIDI controllers to each Knob or Button. Of course Kontakt still remains a sampler, but the extendable sound pool -- and the controllable parameters via MIDI controllers give you quite a sufficient Synthesizer feeling.

The Massive Evolutions II has innovative Sounds for all kinds of electronic music and for cinematic productions (like TV Commercials, Game Music etc). They were all sampled from our own presets (of famous Synths) which have been especially created and suited for the ME2. Additionally most of the sounds are significantly post-processed with innovative FX to create an unique sound which can't be found in any regular Synth.

The Massive Evolutions 2 will be extended with new sounds over time which will be offered at a lower pricing, depending on the add-on sizes.


  • 1.4 GB of innovative & post-processed sounds which can't be found in any regular Synth Leads, (Neuro)Basses, Arpeggios, Pads, FX...
  • upgradeable new presets will be offered over time
  • innovative concept load up to 10 presets and swap them via a few key strokes (dynamic key-switches)
  • great for Electronic Music with heavy Synth swappings like Dubstep, NeuroFunk, Modern Cinematic Music & TV Commercials
  • creative freedom create your own presets
  • full version of Kontakt 5 (or later) required

Pricing and Availability:
75 Euro

More information:





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