Software Writes Your Songs For You releases Sundog Scale Studio for Windows      19/02/14

Feeling short of inspiration? You could take a look at Sundog Scale Studio - Windows XP software designed to get rid of writer's block once and for all.

Sundog Scale Studio is described as a MIDI chords and melodies laboratory that lets you experiment with new scales, harmonies, and melodies easily. A spokesperson told us, "Use Sundog to play around with chords and basenotes like a breeze. Go from calm, smooth, chill out styles to energetic upbeat tunes in a matter of seconds. Promised."

Here's's description of how it works:

Sundog is designed to work with all major DAWs. All note output happens via MIDI (so you may also call it a MIDI performer, or MIDI sequencer). As long as you set up a virtual MIDI cable between Sundog and your DAW you are ready to go.

The first thing you do is choosing a scale and a basenote. Take C Major for example if you want to compose a happy song, or E Minor if you write a sad ballad. Just choose a scale and play some notes. You will quickly get a feeling for the mood of the scale.

In a second step you switch over to a special chords view. You can listen to chords by just clicking buttons - and they will all fit your chosen scale! Click on dark buttons for strong, commonly used chords or on light buttons if you want to experiment a bit.

Once you have found some nice chords you can create a chord progression. This will be the harmonic base of your song.

Back in the main view the real magic starts. You can use your MIDI keyboard, computer keyboard, or your mouse to create new melodies. All your input can either be mapped to scale notes - great for leads! - or to the current chord notes.

This way your melodies will always sound harmonic! Now if you go back to the chords view and change some chords all your melodies will get updated at once.


  • Create harmonic melodies and arpeggios easily
  • Experiment with new scales and basenotes
  • Over 300 scales available out of the box
  • Find all fitting chords for a given scale
  • Convert MIDI note input (white keys) to scale notes
  • Cure writer's block by experimenting with new harmonies
  • Output: Standard MIDI note data
  • Input: MIDI notes, computer keys, mouse
  • Runs on Windows XP and up
  • Buy once, get updates forever

Pricing and Availability:
29 EUR / $39

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brian from usa    Said...

All that money spent on music lessons...wasted!

19-Feb-14 08:26 AM

Musician    Said...

Pathetic in the extreme. What will be next from this company: software to find you the perfect partner - no need for you to bother, if you're single, our software will save you the effort by sending you weekly pictures, audio clips and such of other couples - but it promises to be Just as fulfilling as if you were in the relationship. Roll up - all for just $29 ( with infinite picture updates of other couples!!!) What pathetic looser would buy software to actually write 'music' for you? Just how much ambition and future prospect does such a 'musician' hope to have. If you feel inclined to buy this software and think it'll help you. Go ahead - give the scammer behind this your money! Depressing in the extreme.

19-Feb-14 02:09 PM

Roberto    Said...

I can see how this might actually be educational for someone who is an absolute beginner musician, but based on what I heard in the video, I hope that someone writes software that will listen to the crappy 'music' this program spits out, because I sure don't want to!

19-Feb-14 07:22 PM

Six from NYC    Said...

I think it has a lot of possibility as a creative tool. it won't replace a true musician but it can certainly help beginners understand some music fundamentals.

19-Feb-14 09:59 PM

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