Sonic LAB: Ableton Push - A Track In 10 Minutes

We get schooled by Ableton Certified trainer      21/02/14

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We had a flying visit from Certified Ableton Trainer Mike Greig a couple of days ago. He's on a whistle-stop tour of various media outlets to help spread the word on just how easy it is to create a track using Push as the sole input device.

We know from our own review that this is not an impossible task - if you know what you are doing. Fortunately for us Mike really does, but was also up for the challenge of starting from scratch with cameras on him.

Literally he starts with nothing then builds up a selection of parts, jamming ideas into Live using Push to perform beats, bass, and chord elements with plenty of use of the new clip based automation feature of Live 9.

Then he just writes an arrangement on the fly, adding a few extra top line parts while hes at it.

I must say, its impressive stuff. Now clearly we're not all of the same standard  - at least I'm not, but its really eye opening to see it done for real, There are no edits in this performance, its all in one go.




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Woo    Said...

He's a witch. Burn him!

21-Feb-14 06:49 AM

Wildman    Said...

Nice demo mike. That push is a damm fine controller. Ableton did a good job on that bad boy.I still think the push combined with a full size midi keyboard is the way to go for me. How easy is it to pull off some seven octave runs while changing the octave. I have always found that frustrating on smaller keyboard which limits my soloing to a couple of octaves.

21-Feb-14 07:43 AM

Tim Webb    Said...

I hope they hurry up and release the Push Mk2, with real displays! I'm all for recycling, but the Yamaha DX7's display was probably not an idea candidate for reuse. I just cannot fathom investing in this as it is now, but really like that workflow.

21-Feb-14 08:17 AM

big ears    Said...

Sounds like every other track on soundcloud..zzz

21-Feb-14 11:31 AM

Mr Fork    Said...

Well.....he doesn't really start with nothing like the article states. He starts with a set of effects and instruments he picked out for the set that he knows will work together as well as some macro effects. All too often these devices are presented as a magical solution to a problem but people don't get the idea that there was any time put in to the initial setup to make things work the way they are presented. 10 minutes to write a song.....sure.....but how long to set up instruments that work together....properly set up effects....etc. I have the push and love it. The presenter did a good job of putting things together as well....just know there was more work to this than the 10 minutes they show and then say "just that simple". I disagree with Tim Webb on the investment of the's worth least for me. But I agree that I want to see the MK2 and hopefully it has better screens and perhaps full control over device parameters for more detailed work outside the box. The current Push has too many things that force you to go back to the computer screen. Something more along the lines of Maschine studios level of integration.

21-Feb-14 03:38 PM

akaTinley    Said...

Someone needs to pay this man a couple of grand and book him for a big room chill vibe in Ibiza...

21-Feb-14 06:59 PM

Sect25    Said...

Midge Ure's Moonlighting Doppelganger

21-Feb-14 11:50 PM

sub    Said...

Fast, sure. Generic and soulless, sure.

22-Feb-14 03:00 AM

Marc    Said...

awful track! sounds like a bunch of presets together! :S

22-Feb-14 06:36 AM

Marc    Said...

awful track!

22-Feb-14 06:36 AM

PAUL HEALY    Said...

Looks easy for this guy but I really wish I was this good brilliant video.

22-Feb-14 07:23 AM

Throbert    Said...

The tr-808 is watching from the corner.

22-Feb-14 07:35 AM

yucatec    Said...

fast track just like fast food.e me..terrible tune...Will amaze the noobis but you don t amaz

25-Feb-14 08:30 AM

Jupiter    Said...

How is this a "track"? It's some doodlings over one chord (well… one and a bit!)…. With a few layers being dropped in and out! It's a pleasant demo for Push (which can be REALLY impressive in the right hands) but this is no more than messing around…. A "track"????… My arse….

25-Feb-14 10:52 AM

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