MESSE 2014: Dualo Unique French Instrument

Two keyboard hex machine records and plays      12/03/14

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8:40 mins    

We saw this unusual intrument tuecked away in a small booth in Hall 5.1. Its the brainchild of a bunch of french boffins - ranging from mathematicians to computer scientists and hardware designers who've gainde support fro IRCAM and many other French institutions to develop the Dualo.

It reminds you of an accordian to a degree, though the hex layout keyboard and on-board sound engine powered by "microprocessor" creates a range of accoustic and electro mechanical sounds for internal jamming and playing.

Additionally, Dualo can be configured to work as a MIDI controller with USB and MIDI connections.

I'll let Jules Hotrique explain via the video. The Dualo costs around €1000 and will be available soon.

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This guy is great! That's how to do a product demo!

13-Mar-14 07:30 AM

ian olsen    Said...

There are the folks who act like theyd rather be doing anything else than another demo and then there is this guy!

13-Mar-14 12:03 PM

ritco    Said...

heheheh superfunny and nice demo :-)

13-Mar-14 02:43 PM

beatbunny    Said...

Nice demonstration, though i wonder why learn a totally new layout to sound like a casio calculator from the 80s.

14-Mar-14 10:51 PM

alphrman    Said...

Worst "Enjoy the Silence" cover ever played

15-Mar-14 09:06 PM

W C Auger    Said...

Combine this with an Eigenharp & an EWI 5000 and you've nearly got yourself a full Star Wars Cantina Band!

16-Mar-14 07:56 PM

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