Free Harmony Looper For iOS

Fiddlewax Yellow is a live vocal harmony generator, effects processor, and looper      02/05/14
Free Harmony Looper For iOS

Fiddlewax Yellow is a live vocal harmony generator, effects processor, and looper all rolled into one. Here's the details directly from Fiddlewax:

Create your own music from the ground up using just your voice and whatever is around you! Realtime harmony lets you create and layer sounds as fast you can think of them. Unleash your imagination and build awesome audio tracks in seconds.

Unlike other pitch shifters which often quantize and auto-tune notes relative to a key, Fiddlewax Yellow builds polyphonic full-spectrum harmonies. Slide and bend the pitch of your voice and Yellow will seamlessly follow along.

Yellow lets you make music whenever the inspiration strikes. You will need headphones to record, though, so be sure to have some handy.


  • Realtime 3-part vocal harmony using our very own super fast, polyphonic, pitch-shifting and audio analysis pipeline. Sing and synthesize new sounds and audio textures on the fly.
  • Built-in effects to add chorus, distortion, reverb, low-pass, and high-pass filters with the push of a button. Quickly transform your voice into other instrument sounds as you play.
  • Synchronized, auto-expanding looper to layer up to 6 audio tracks at once. Easily start/stop any track and clear tracks individually when you want to overwrite/undo.
  • Integrated recording function to save and share songs. Send to other installed apps, attach to email, or download later from iTunes when you sync your device.
  • Low-level core audio implementation makes everything run super fast and robust (built using The Amazing Audio Engine).
  • Headphone-aware control logic reduces the chance of squeaky feedback while you record.
  • Great for all experience levels, from beginners to experts.
  • Precision interface optimized for 10-finger multitouch.

Fiddlewax instruments are designed from the ground up to enable anyone who enjoys music to experiment, play, and create their own songs without formal teaching or instruction.

Every aspect of Fiddlewax puts music first. The simple interface helps musicians focus on what they're creating; there are no ads, faux-wood textures, or frivolous interaction to distract from the creative process.

Fiddlewax takes the best of both physical and virtual instruments to create something totally new. Full 10-finger multitouch support and maximum playing area provide for seamless digital interaction, while under the hood, samples are processed and routed as analog signals with variable frequency and timing.

Give Fiddlewax a try, and amplify your inner voice.

Pricing and Availability:
Free (for the first week of release) at the App Store.

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Smedley    Said...

It'd be really nice if there was a video or audio so we can hear it. There's nothing on their website either.

02-May-14 02:04 PM

Adam Kumpf    Said...

See the video called Music for Dinosaurs at for an example of audio and interaction with Yellow.

02-May-14 05:04 PM

RP    Said...

Grabbed this on Friday, it's the awesome price of 'Free' so only costs the time it takes to download it.

Really nice App for sure, the harmonies are great and some good vocoder type effects. Only one suggestion would be to put text tags on the icons just to make it more intuitive although lazy me I guess I could just learn what each one represents.

05-May-14 10:02 AM

KnLga    Said...

Is someone show me where is the internet. i am trying find it.

05-May-14 07:19 PM

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