Bus-Powered 4-Channel Thunderbolt Audio Interface

Resident Audio introduces the T4      07/05/14
Bus-Powered 4-Channel Thunderbolt Audio Interface

Resident Audio tells us that their forthcoming T4 is the first ever four-channel Thunderbolt audio interface which requires no external power--a breakthrough in the worlds of live performance and recording. They say that it adds four channels of I/O to Thunderbolt-equipped Mac and Windows computers, with support for high-resolution 24-bit/96kHz audio and near-zero latency for virtually instantaneous recording and playback.

A spokesperson had this to say, "Whether you're in the studio, on the stage or in the DJ booth, the T4 provides the perfect interface between your computer and your performance."

Here's what Resident Audio has to say in their own words...

The lightweight and portable T4 comes with all required software drivers and a ton of innovative features such as an auto-detecting Multichannel Output Mode and Smart Monitoring, which automatically switches between stereo and mono depending upon input configuration. Four combo XLR / ¼" input jacks allow you to plug in microphones, instruments and line-level devices-- with phantom power for all inputs--and there are four balanced TRS outputs for connection to speakers and external mixers. MIDI connectors enable the T4 to be used as an ultra-stable MIDI interface, and there are even dual headphone outputs. Tilted tactile gain controls with three-color wraparound LEDs allow you to quickly set optimal levels, even in low-light onstage environments.

Pricing and Availability:

Pricing TBA. Available May 2014

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Sam    Said...

It's good there is another manufacturer coming into the market but 4 in 4 out on Thunderbolt? You could do this sort of thing with USB 1. It's fine of the interface only costs £100 but I imagine it'll be much more expensive due to the cost of TB. Lookng forward to seeing what else they have up their sleeve though!

07-May-14 04:30 AM

RP    Said...

I too am glad to see Thunderbolt finally making it to available products. To be honest though I think it takes a couple of generations of product and a few different manufacturers embracing a thing before it's a safe bet to have options to weigh up and part with money...unless of course this thing is below the $200 mark but I doubt it .

07-May-14 11:32 AM

Koichi    Said...

Brand new company, "first in a line of TB devices", affordability? Should be interesting which end of the spectrum these guys land on in terms of quality / price / performance. While only time will tell, you can't help but think this looks like a revamped M-audio piece of kit. HOWEVER, they provide a thunderbolt cable (I'm looking at you UA) so kudos to these guys for getting that part right! Best of luck to the new kid on the block

07-May-14 12:29 PM

Synth_Fan    Said...

Gret to see Thunderbolt devices appear. I just home they do not price this as 'specially expensive cause its Thunderbolt'

Thunderbolt will only have a future if it is prices the same as USB and Firewire.

07-May-14 05:06 PM

cocteau    Said...

Yes great to see they are entering the thunderbolt market - I hope they will still be providing drivers for it in 5 years ( yay for m-audio and MOTU and UA, boo for mackie and others that drop support after 2-3 years ) ...

07-May-14 09:19 PM

JOHNY IVE SAYS :    Said...


10-May-14 12:51 AM

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