Simmons' Next Generation Of Electronic Drums

The name that started it all introduces the SD1500KIT      12/05/14
Simmons' Next Generation Of Electronic Drums

Simmons has announced their new flagship model, the SD1500KIT. Here's their press release with all the details:

With a host of features at a surprisingly affordable price, the new Simmons SD1500KIT breaks new ground as the most realistic and full featured electronic drum kit in its class. While most of today's affordable electronic drum sets compromise on sound or ergonomics, the Simmons SD1500KIT is the first electronic kit of its kind to deliver a wide-ranging palette of ultra-realistic sounds in a full-sized, full featured, professional quality drum set that focuses on both sound and feel.

The SD1500KIT starts with a full sized, ergonomically designed 6-piece drum kit plus hi-hat,  three multi-zone cymbals, and a host of features typically reserved for only the highest priced electronic kits. With a total of 22 specific trigger points, the  SD1500KIT is designed to deliver the most responsive, realistic drum performance possible. Its hex-shaped blue anodized frame and die-cast aluminum hardware feature memory lock mounts for speedy setup and maximum stability. Simmons' exclusive multi-position hi-hat pedal and triple-zone snare pad deliver unprecedented responsiveness, and its crash cymbals offer dual zone and choke capability.

The SD1500KIT electronic drum kit doesn't scrimp on sound, either. Simmons' flagship SD1000 Digital Sound Module has been upgraded and enhanced with a completely new custom sound library featuring more than 500 ultra-realistic samples of the most popular classic and modern drum kits. With full 64 voice polyphony, full programmability, and powerful on-board processing, Simmons' exclusive Variable Attack Response programming delivers some of the most responsive dynamic velocity sensitivity available, with alternating sample playback for even more realistic, expressive sound. 

"This exciting new kit truly outshines and outplays anything else in its class," remarked Jim Norman, Simmons Product Manager, "The new SD1500KIT is ideal for drummers looking for a low-volume rehearsal kit, for schools or churches needing a full size, low-impact stage setup, or for small and mid-sized project studios where recording acoustic drums might not be an option. Whether you're practicing, recording, or performing, the SD1500KIT is designed to deliver the goods."

About Simmons Drums
The first name in electronic drums, Simmons has been at the forefront of innovation for more than 40 years, offering the finest in cutting-edge, feature rich kits. From touch-sensitive pads and selectable velocity curves to the most extensive MIDI and USB implementation, Simmons has always been a leader in the electronic drum experience. To learn more, visit  or your favorite music retailer.

Pricing and Availability:

The new Simmons SD1500KIT electronic drum set is available now at a street price of $999.99.

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Failed Muso    Said...

I got all excited for a few minutes until I discovered that the Simmons brand was acquired by Guitar Center in the US. This stuff looks to be based on the Alesis budget ranges. And Jim Norman is a guy I worked with at Alesis in the past, so he's either moved on or there is some kind of partnership going on.

Nice to see the name back, but sorry to see what the name has been attached to :-(

Will be interesting to see how Dave Simmons fares with his lawsuit against Guitar Center.

12-May-14 03:48 AM

Paul Cox    Said...

The kits are very interesting, and clearly state of the art, but I believe that Dave Simmons could probably take that to a whole new level, considering that he was the originator. Also, it would be nice if the new compact pads were hexagonally shaped bringing the character, and slickness of the classic kits to the new cutting edge offering. Clearly the Guitar Centre have tried to buy Dave Simmons out, as well as take the easy way out. Hope Dave takes back the name which is unquestionably his.

17-Aug-15 07:50 PM

Paul Cox    Said...

I wonder if internet connection and a digitally portrayed touch screen musical display of the notes being played which can be easily altered by touching the screen, and eventually a wireless kit comprising all these features with as I mentioned the classic hexagonally shaped pads would be a nest step in the evolution.

17-Aug-15 07:55 PM

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