Podcast: Sonic TALK 360: Modelling

Flutes modelled, robot modular and Apple      22/05/14

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71:1 mins


WIN iZOTOPE IRIS - watch/listen for details
izotope Iris box

iZotope Iris is a groundbreaking sample-based synthesizer. Iris is a new spin on sound design. A "visual instrument" that's perfect for musical inspiration and sonic experimentation.
As well as creating your own inspirational sounds from almost any audio material, there are plenty of libraries based around various materials to choose from.

For a free, 10-day trial visit iZotope.com/iris

We start with a listen to the quite remarkable modeliing instruments of Sample Modelling - in this case the Flute and discuss the wider options, then Kinetix robot modular performance, and finally Apple's reliance on creative apps to pimp their wares which leads to a wider talk on the dumbing down of GUI and software.

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KingVidiot    Said...

Thanks for the contest, Nick. It's icing on a amazing cake. The podcast is consistently my goto podcast every week, with so much to learn and enjoy. Having the chance to win something is really cool, and iZotope products set a very high bar in the industry.

Regarding the current podcast, modelling technology has been a useful tool in my arsenal. I use several modelling synths.

23-May-14 02:44 PM

RevFlex    Said...

Marks last comment on tips made me wonder why no DAW offers integration with a version control like programmer IDE's do? Maybe a topic for some week to discuss if anyone has tried using version control like GIT or somesuch on DAW projects?

24-May-14 11:09 AM

hui    Said...

SonicTalk should interview the guys who worked on the "Wolfenstein: The New Order" game soundtrack.

Part of their brief was to imagine what the popular music of the 60s would have sounded like if the Nazis had won WW2. 10+ songs were created for an imaginary State-run propaganda record label, Neumond Records, including this oompah cover of "House Of The Rising Sun":


They've already spoken to a gaming site on the subject, but I think you guys could delve further into the development process:


26-May-14 12:23 AM

Ed Rocha Goncalves    Said...

You lightly touched a subject in this podcast that would love to discuss: the obsolescence of some of the gear out there... I bought an Ableton Push and ended up selling it because... what use will a Push be in 10 years? I think about that all the time now, with everything I buy... (maybe you already talked about this in one of the many talks, if so, someone please link me to it)

03-Jun-14 06:37 AM

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