Aluminium Minimoog Voyager

Watch the video of the making of this 100 piece limited edition      23/05/14

The Aluminium Minimoog Voyager is a limited edition, 100 piece production of the Minimoog Voyager. It is housed in an elegantly machined, all aluminium cabinet that has been weight relieved for portability. The cabinet features a clear anodized finish with industrial fixtures securing an electric blue backlit panel with electric blue LEDs, all black switches and nuts, and electric blue pitch & mod wheels.

Pricing and Availability:
Available at select dealers.

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Garak    Said...

Actually a good idea to look at lowering the weight of it. Whenever I see the hinged panel though I wish it were all foldable/collapsible into a suitcase shape rather than just flattening out.

23-May-14 10:25 AM

Velocipede    Said...

Does it come with free engraving? ;)

23-May-14 05:17 PM

Tim    Said...

The one I saw at the Moog Store wasn't much lighter than a regular Voyager.

24-May-14 05:00 PM

rezleaz    Said...

Nice video. + "available now at -selcet- dealers" :)

26-May-14 02:21 AM

Mr Coz    Said...

It's good to see aluminium spelt correctly rather than the usual 'aloooominum' we usually hear from our American friends. :)

29-May-14 07:56 AM

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