View Waveforms Differently In Reaktor

Amazing Machines Amazing Scope Suite brings the Oscilloscope to your DAW      29/05/14

Amazing Machines tells us that Amazing Scope Suite for Reaktor is a bundle of 3 unique Reaktor Ensembles that will change the way you see Waveforms in your DAW. They say that, with unparalleled features such as Freezed Waveform Navigation, Tempo Synced Triggering and MIDI Triggering, the Amazing Scope Suite brings the Oscilloscope to your DAW, an Essential Tool that has been available in Professional Studios for more than 40 years.


  • 3 Reaktor Ensembles
  • 4 Display Modes
  • 8 Triggering Modes, including Tempo Synced Triggering and MIDI Triggering
  • 2 Knob Resolution Modes
  • A/B Switch for Multiple Settings
  • Input Signal Delay
  • Freeze Switch
  • Freezed Waveform Navigation
  • Total control over the X and Y Axis on the Main Display


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Wave    Said... you can view waveforms at the most minute details ...which I can in my DAW now not getting the advantage of this or why I should find it 'essential' to part with my cash? What am I missing?

29-May-14 08:43 AM

Amazing Machines    Said...

Hi Wave,

You can see the Waveforms at the most minute details as you said, but the big deal is, in this case you are seeing the Waveforms post-processing, that makes all the difference when you are applying effects at the mixing stage, an Oscilloscope will answer many questions that mixers have when processing audio channels, such as:

- How much should I saturate this channel? - This EQ curve sound great but isn't it adding too much transients? - Ain't I going too far with this limiter here? - Something is wrong with the phase in these channels, which channel or processor is causing the issue?

And so on, there many uses for these Ensembles, from sculpting Waveforms on a Synthesizer, to finding out which processor is causing negative phase interactions, to checking for transient response, and the list goes on...

Cheers, Gabriel Rodrigues, Amazing Machines

29-May-14 11:25 AM

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