Rare Arp 2500 In Action

A real beauty      09/06/14

Personally, Ive never seen one of these in the flesh, but I know that they are one of the most highly regarded modulars. Can't imagine what sort of work needs to be done to keep those patch sliders in working order, but it looks like an incredibly powerful system.

This video Lucky Zack Dagoba (OK, I made up the Lucky part, but lets face it, anyone who owns one of these is..) posts:

A small ARP ditty. A nice way to chill out after a late nite gig...



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GTRman    Said...

That was it. How much is one of these rare Arp's these days? Is that the best it can do? "ARP In Action" where was the action. That was nothing but a handful of nerds sitting in the room bouncing there heads. Try this video if you would like to hear what a ARP 2500 can do: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vEPSruBdSqk

09-Jun-14 11:21 AM

fster    Said...

you're right.... the difference being s musician and a techie geek.

09-Jun-14 01:49 PM

Durumrulle    Said...

useless noises - why does anyone need a wall of synth to make something this unmusical?

09-Jun-14 04:11 PM

Si    Said...

A little unfair guys. Don't blame the guy for doing what he chooses with it. That's like saying a piano is no use unless Oscar Peterson is playing it. The instrument is there to create whatever the musician chooses and is inspired to do with it.. Doesn't make it any less of an instrument.

09-Jun-14 04:45 PM

EdmundEagan    Said...

You had me at anodized aluminum knobs....

09-Jun-14 08:51 PM

Wave    Said...

Musically poor...really looked forward to the video...but what a let down... doesn't make it something I, or any musician I know, want one.

10-Jun-14 09:44 AM

ITguy54    Said...

This is like people who put mud, blood, and excrement omn a canvas, then swirl it around a few times and call it "art".

10-Jun-14 10:50 AM

ITguy54    Said...

This is like people who put mud, blood, and excrement omn a canvas, then swirl it around a few times and call it "art".

10-Jun-14 10:50 AM

RP    Said...

'Wembley, are you ready to rock. I give you the Arp 2500. KICK IT!!!'

Can you imagine the riot after about 8 minutes.

Incidentally, 'mud, blood, and excrement' was my nickname in high school, I'd rather not go into the details but it was a traumatic time for sure :)

10-Jun-14 11:19 AM

THEXCEE    Said...

what is that all about? please make music!

10-Jun-14 12:30 PM

Ed A.    Said...

Eliane Radigue is a better example of a composer who used an ARP 2500 for decades:

Interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcy5fLcAsQQ

one of her compositions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1RrsiGmLp_E

10-Jun-14 01:27 PM

Tesla    Said...

Sounds great!

Yes - it's true one could make those sounds with reason but it's not really the point is it?

80 percent of modular videos on YouTube are atonal drone demos anyways.....


Just relax and enjoy the gear!

11-Jun-14 05:39 AM

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