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Prime Loops releases Epic EDM Leads sample pack      11/06/14

Prime Loops has released the Epic EDM Leads sample pack. Here's the details in their spokesperson's own words...

Step up your game with Prime Loops' wild, new & unique producer tool kit Epic EDM Leads!

Whether you make Dance, House, Electro, Dubstep, D&B, Trap or any other EDM subgenre: this jam-packed collection of super melodic synth hooks & solos (All MIDI files included!) guarantees to blast an epic hit of EDM energy into your mixes!

Inside EPIC EDM LEADS you can expect to find an excessively energetic collection of skilfully played synth melodies, mind blowing synth hooks, ultra-complex synth solos and so much more, all straight from the wild mind of our very own in-house keyboard virtuoso.

This brand new, completely original synth sample pack is designed to enhance your productions by allowing you to apply its contents across various layers and tempos and it's inspired by the likes of current chart climbers Avicii, Tiësto and Zedd!

Inside EPIC EDM LEADS you will find a generous 490MB of fresh samples arranged into easy-to-navigate pre-formatted folders containing:

  • 50 x D&B Leads
  • 50 x D&B Leads [Midi Files]
  • 50 x Dance & Electro Leads
  • 50 x Dance & Electro Leads [Midi Files]
  • 50 x Dubstep Leads
  • 50 x Dubstep Leads [Midi Files]
  • 20 x Trap Leads
  • 20 x Trap Leads [Midi Files]

Characteristically, this pack ranges from sticky sweet staccato hooks, raucously fluctuating arpeggio riffs and utterly anthemic melodies, ideal for those who are producing full fat EDM mixes as well as those who simply want to add some elements to alternative genres or their own signature sound.

Every single one of these 170 samples arrives via direct download from in a polished and pure 24-bit High Definition clarity and even includes accompanying MIDI files. EPIC EDM LEADS covers a wide tempo range from 126-174 BPM and many of the leads in this pack are delivered in a variety of patterns, allowing you to later up for an intelligent and complex sound.

This completely royalty free pack will land directly in your download folder so you can simply click on the samples that you require, drag them over your DAW and drop them straight into your mix. All of the acidized audio files in this download will sync automatically to any tempo, and you can easily alter the tempo yourself by clicking the end of the stem and adjusting its length in the mix.

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