New Sounds For Prophet 12

Boxed Ear introduce P12 sound bank for Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 12 synthesizer      13/06/14

Boxed Ear has released the P12 sound bank for Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 12 synthesizer - 99 brand new electronica sounds for the Prophet 12 keyboard and Prophet 12 module.

A spokesperson told us, "The Prophet 12 is the current flagship of the Dave Smith Instruments range, and Dave has said himself that it is his finest ever synthesizer. In this sound bank, you'll find luscious pads, classic lead sounds, wavetable plucks, vintage stacks, evolving soundscapes and complex arpeggios. Every patch is programmed to sound warm and organic and inspire you not just to make great music, but to enjoy playing your synthesizer. Don't take our word for it, check out the 36 minute audio demo on soundcloud."


99 brand new sounds delivered in MIDI sysex format and SoundTower Editor format. Detailed instructions for installing are included in the download package. Compatible with all Prophet 12 models including the Prophet 12 keyboard and Prophet 12 module.

Pricing and Availability:
P12 costs USD $33, EUR €25 or GBP £21 inc.VAT and is available now.

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THEXCEE    Said...

i´m´s dissapointing. look instead at my sounds for the polyevolver in youtube. the question, why DSI employes such programmers? i´m wondering all the time because the P12 is killer at all but in my opinion there could be much better soundmanagement.

13-Jun-14 09:24 AM

BLN    Said...

@THEXCEE I checked your polyevolver sounds and these are much better than yours. Why the hell I did that? I want my two minutes back!!!

14-Jun-14 12:08 AM

THEXCEE    Said...

@BNL. stay kind! but show me your skills please. make sounds. and it´s a matter of taste my friend.

14-Jun-14 05:49 AM

DOGE    Said...

Such discussion. Much programing. So grammar.

14-Jun-14 11:18 PM

Bhrama    Said...

These sound quite nice, but I'd rather not lose the DSI user patches they recently provided, as those are equally amazing...and free. I paid north of $2k for the P12, and certainly don't feel like buying sounds at this point. Keep up the nice good work.

15-Jun-14 09:37 AM

anc47    Said...

@Bhrama You don't have to loose the patches. Upgrade to OS 1.1.2 - than you can load all the new DSI patches over the original not so flash Factory banks = u now have 4x User banks of 99 to use... details on the DSIfourm.

17-Jun-14 05:35 AM

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