New Studiologic Organ Available In The UK

Numa Organ 2 offers seven authentic models of classic tonewheel and electronic organs      20/06/14
New Studiologic Organ Available In The UK

Studiologic distributor MSL Professional has announced that the newly released Numa Organ 2 is now available in the UK. They say that, perfect for use both on stage and for recording, the Numa Organ 2 has been developed using advanced physical modelling to give a wide variety of sounds derived from analysis of the some of the most popular organ sounds. Here's what they have to say about it:

The Numa Organ 2 features seven different sound models, offering a choice of tonewheel organs, famous portable electric organs and church diapason. With an extended control panel including over 30 physical controls, players can interactively adjust the drawbars and frequently used controls, on the fly, for a great performance. When used as a tonewheel organ clone, the Numa Organ 2 is particularly effective in capturing the characteristics of aged models through its customized mixing, editing and control functions. These include a full set of drawbars and effects such as vibrato, chorus, rotary, reverb, drive click and leakage, all of which combine to offer maximum playability.

The Numa Organ 2 features a high quality "waterfall " type keyboard action, with a split keyboard function enabling two simultaneous sounds, as per separate manuals. Additional manuals can be connected by MIDI.

Any sound combination can be stored in one of 12 memory locations, assigned (in a nod to its heritage) to each of the reverse coloured keys.  A range of ports and connectors enable the Numa Organ 2 to be linked to speakers, headphones, expression and sustain pedals. Computer connection is via MIDI or USB and it can even control a real Leslie cabinet via its 11-pin port.

Studiologic keyboard products are renowned for their highly developed technologies that authentically imitate the actions of traditional pianos and organs. In combination with sophisticated DSP- and integration technology, this offers outstanding performance capability in a variety of situations. The Studiologic series currently includes a range of premium controller keyboards, pianos, organs and the Sledge synthesizer.

Pricing and Availability:
The Numa Organ 2 retails at £1049 (inc VAT)
Numa Organ Mk1 owners can upgrade to the Numa 2 software spec via a soon to be available software update.

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Peter K.    Said...

I loved the Numa 1. The only thing that turned me off was the lack of ratched drawbars.

23-Jun-14 01:38 AM

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