Competition - WIN Nektar Panorama P4 Worth $499

Yes indeed, you can get one of your very own      27/06/14

Our recent series with Nektar product manager Tim Chandler focussing on the Nektar Panorama P4 advanced MIDI controller, will have showed you some pretty deep integration in a variety of applications.

If you've not watch them, I encourage you to do so (links below)

You may have thought to yourself "I'd like one of those" - well now you have the chance to win one of your very own.

All you need to do is head over to this video on Youtube, make sure you are subscribed to our channel, and leave a comment on the Youtube video (not here) and we will pick a winner from the comment. That lucky individual will receive their very own Panorama P4 worth £325/$499, wherever they are in the world.

So go to it!

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Brennan    Said...

Man i love this site wont be entering comp as have the P6 but i must look on here 6 times a day great site and great comertition

27-Jun-14 12:34 PM

Andrew W    Said...

Nektar Panorama looks pretty awesome! Can't wait to get my hands on one!

27-Jun-14 01:01 PM

Rapscallion    Said...

Wow another awesome contest ! I recently upgraded my copy of Reason to primarily take advantage of the Expert Sleepers rack extension.. a P4 would kick that into overdrive !

27-Jun-14 02:38 PM

Dave nugent    Said...

Love ya nektar,for depth of the P4 integration in reason

27-Jun-14 05:05 PM

Tomas M    Said...

Awesome Sonicstate and Nektar. Thank you for your generousity in design and with such an offer. I have creative and mighty plans for this very P4. Keep making the tool... I am the craftsman for this machine. :)

27-Jun-14 07:13 PM

Jonathen A    Said...

Without a doubt the Nektar Panorama is a stand out from the whole lot! Integrates with ya daw like ain't no other controller, it's simply off the Hook!!!

28-Jun-14 12:11 AM    Said...

that is obviously a wicked controller, if not the best I've seen. Want...yes. Make room?...definitely.

28-Jun-14 10:29 PM

Alberto González    Said...

Was already subscribed to the channel. Thanks SonicState for the competition! The Panorama looks awesome.

30-Jun-14 05:29 AM

viberations    Said...

Nektar integration with Logic kinda makes me wanna move back to Logic from Ableton. If only I had one...

01-Jul-14 08:28 AM

marco mazzei    Said...

really cool nektar panorama. when a compatibility with protools and live?

i want this controller!!!

thanks alot for your works!

Marco from italy

06-Jul-14 12:28 PM

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