Studio Electronics Analogue Desktop Synth Ships

Boomstar SE80, featuring Yamaha CS80 filters, is now available in Europe      01/07/14
Studio Electronics Analogue Desktop Synth Ships

MSL Professional, exclusive distributor of Studio Electronics Boomstar products in Europe, has announced that it has started shipping the eagerly awaited new BOOMSTAR SE80 discrete analogue desktop synth. The first units are in stores now.

This latest addition to the US manufacturer's popular Boomstar mono synth series features Yamaha CS80 high and low pass filters. These add new tonalities and flexibility to the Boomstar's classic sound, as this is currently the only Boomstar model with separate high and low pass resonant filters for punchy and ripping tones, plus some uncanny vocal-like recreations. Studio Electronics say that, with its unique sound, the SE80 is an impressive addition to any musician or sound designer's synth arsenal.

Studio Electronics has garnered a legendary reputation over the last 30 years for the sound quality and build of its products, which include a range of mono- and polyphonic synthesizers. The SE80's arrival extends the current Boomstar range to five models including the 4075 -powerfully resonant ARP® 2600, 5089 - classic Moog® 24dB ladder, SEM -the original Oberheim® 12dB and the 3003 - Roland® TB-303. All Boomstar models are characterized by their sturdy construction, discrete circuitry and hand-matched components.

All new Boomstar models are now shipping with v2.02 software that includes a number of improved MIDI features.

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Studio Electronics is just plain 'ol cool. They make great synths and deserve the slow clap.

01-Jul-14 10:12 AM

Juno    Said...

The Boomstars are great… PROPER old school analogue… I've the SE80, 4075 and SEM and they all sound totally different! Well worth the money..

01-Jul-14 10:35 AM


Synth nerds are weird. They complain about the prices of the Pro-2 or the modulus 002 and about how they're not completely analog and then praise these expensive boxes which are essentially the same old analog mono synth over and over again in different boxes with only the filter part exchanged. And that for close to $1000 each. What a ripoff...

12-Jul-14 06:22 AM

JUNO    Said...

Firstly have you actually PLAYED one of these?… even LISTENED to one?

Thought not…

Secondly.. I haven't come across ANY serious musicians that have complained about the price of the Pro-2 and Modulus 002…. These are serious pieces of kit for serious musicians….. If you think they're a ripoff then please go buy a Bass-station 2 or download an iPad app… both TOTALLY relevant, great value and great at what they do… but please don't confuse them with totally Pro pieces of gear

13-Jul-14 03:32 PM

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