Hear Dave Smith Instruments Pro 2 Sounds

INHALT demos patches they've made on the new synth in a YouTube video      03/07/14

INHALT has released a YouTube video demonstrating the Dave Smith Instruments Pro 2. Here's what they have to say...

Dave Smith Instruments asked us to return to the sound design world and join a stellar team to create some of the patches for their upcoming super synth: the Pro 2. Since we're avid and long time users of the Pro One, the name alone peaked our curiosities. Once we got the absolutely stunning synth back to our studio, we were blown away not just by the raw sound quality of the new voice architecture, but also by the sheer number of possible control options. If there is a synth out there that is truly the best of all worlds and that is almost intentionally designed to sit right in the middle of a full studio set up, it most certainly is the Pro 2. 4 CV outputs (that can be used as gate outputs too), 4 CV ins, audio input, dual MIDI outputs ... it's exactly the kind of thinking a professional studio and live musician would employ in synth design.

As a sound designer, what was most interesting was the arrangement of the new filters. Not only do both the SSM and SEM inspired analog filters sound fantastic on their own, but they can be used together to create very complex effects. Since their routing (serial, meaning one filter into the other, or parallel, meaning both filters running together) is completely user assignable and modulatable (all parameters regarding the filter can be accessed via the modulation matrix and modulated by pretty much anything) incredibly rich and complex effects can be created. The first patch (first string sound you hear in this video) takes full advantage of this new architecture to create a very sophisticated and distinct jet phasing effect.

The same tonal integrity can be found on the digital delays. This time around there is a new BBD style analog modeling delay that is warm and lush. When combined with delay time modulation from an LFO, an extremely rich chorus effect results. I might also mention that the audio input itself is of very high quality and presents a clean and full bodied pre amplifier stage that just sounds good. The last two sounds in the video use this input with a bass guitar.

Absolutely no external fx or sequencing were used when recording this demo of our patches for the factory bank. Everything you hear was done with the internal sequencer, live playing, and employing the abundant set of controls on board the Pro 2. Also, these are all single patches, so no multitracking was involved. The sounds were tracked via a Precision 8 mic pre using both outputs from the Pro 2 and straight into a Digidesign 192 IO feeding Pro Tools HD.

Pricing and Availability:
The Pro 2 is scheduled to start shipping late July with a street price of $1,999.

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cressi    Said...

much more sold on this synth after hearing this

03-Jul-14 08:53 PM

smedley    Said...

Sounds very much like any good VST/AU plugin. Worth 2 grand? I don't think so.

03-Jul-14 10:39 PM

P40    Said...

dsi aira , naff said ...

04-Jul-14 03:51 AM

Synhh_Fan    Said...

Agree - these presets don't sound particularly good. This demo does not do this instrument good service.

Furthermore, the more I think about it (I've been excited about it and planning to get one) - it's so expensive that I could buy a really good vintage mono on ebay, such as a Promars for example, or even a JP4, for the same money.

Indeed, it's half way there to an excellent Minimoog original.

So after hearing these demos, I think I'll step back from this and think about acquiring vintage classic instead.

04-Jul-14 08:33 AM

Synth_Fan    Said...

Typed my identity in the above post incorrectly - it's "SynthFan"

but i feel I should add - this is an excellent synth; but again with DSI, it's the price that sparking all questioning of it for me.

For example, for only $300 - $400 less than a Pro12, I can't help wondering why this is priced so high. I feel I'm being ripped off because Dave Smith feels he can. His reasoning must be a combination of age-related arrogance and knowledge he has on the type of buyer(s) who will acquire this and where money will essentially be no object so he hikes the price up cause he can - kind off a rip off approach. Can't see any other reason for this being only a few hundred bucks below the Pro12.

If it was $1200 it's hit the spot for sure

04-Jul-14 08:40 AM

smedley    Said...

DSI is much like Moog, they're riding on their reputations.

04-Jul-14 10:24 AM

HnnH    Said...

DSI synths are all made in America not far from where they're designed - you can't compare their pricing to large corporations or Chinese made instruments. "SynthFan" is clearly mistaking voice number for value, which anyone who actually compares features and considers that the body of the two synths cost the same to produce no matter how many voices it has wouldn't jump to such conclusions or quote totally made up price points.

04-Jul-14 10:47 AM

James    Said...

-Analog filters still have an edge over emulations.

-Modern synths have some capabilities absent from any vintage synth.

-Reputation is something you maintain, not ride on.

-Upper-tier pricing is only a rip-off if the offer is sub-par, not the case here if you compare.

-A alias is not your identity

04-Jul-14 04:16 PM

Frank Manhands    Said...

Sounds like a synth.

05-Jul-14 10:56 PM

quote    Said...

10:00 ever see to live and die in LA? a matter of taste i suppose.

05-Jul-14 11:47 PM


I feel like comparing an old vintage synth to a DSI Pro 2 is like comparing a vintage corvette to a brand new prius. Yes, they are both cars, but the prius is not trying to be the corvette. If dave were trying to make an old school analog style synth, He would have done so- He has done so. Obviously he is looking at 2014 and beyond with his latest instruments (he's says so himself). As far as price point- I am glad that there are some people who have decided to keep making quality synths and bypass the whole "affordable analog synth" trend. I like things to be affordable, but I also am willing to pay for quality and expertise (I think Dave Smith at least has the expertise).

Since I haven't owned a Pro 2, or even played one, it's hard to cast final judgment on this synth. But I will say that I agree, these sound demos didn't strike absolute amazement into my heart. Dave's introductory video did that for me more than this did. I am still excited to get my hands on one and run it through it's paces.

07-Jul-14 10:18 AM

Peter K.    Said...

It's nice to see instruments like this that are built up to a quality rather than down to a price. I think it's gonna be great. I have a P12 and it's totally amazing. I think this will be too and have its own unique identity.

I love the vintage string machine sound they've done, and several of the others. Remember, these are just some sounds they've done - it is simply a reflection of their experience with the instrument. It will be loaded with lots of great sounds I'm sure.

07-Jul-14 11:46 PM

nagnagnag    Said...

This synth is stunning.All the software users should get a life and keep out of the discussion about actual synthesizers. As a synth user for 30 years this machine is one of the best synths that has come to the market place. It is hilarious to see software people casting opinion on the subject of synthesizers.Dave Smith the man behind midi wipes the floor with all competition.I am waiting for the rack version of this synthesizer.

09-Jul-14 03:11 AM

Richard Terren    Said...

At $2400 - $2500AUS there is no way I will buy this or any of Dave Smith's overpriced instruments. $2300AUS for a Tempest. No way

21-Jul-14 07:04 AM

Richard Terren    Said...

To say this is priced due to it's build quality is absurd. It's made from the same components as most other instruments as the components mostly come from the same factories in China. It's just expensive to manufacture in the USA these days compared to other places, That's why the prices are high. Nothing to do with quality. As for the programming it will be largely unfinished or in beta like all Dave Smiths Instruments.

21-Jul-14 07:10 AM

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