Sonic LAB Review: UAD 610 Preamp Collection With Unison Technology

1960s warmth and precision      07/07/14

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As we know the Universal Audio Apollo system has the abillity to run real-time DSP processing on inputs. The new UA 610 mic preamp and EQ models takes the Bill Putnam's classic designs from the early 1960's which have been valued for their harmonic detail and musical drive - its all over the Beach Boy's Pet Sounds. The new version, the 610-B has been updated to reflect more modern requirements.

Additionally the Unison technology allows the plug-ins to actively adjust the physical hardware properties of the electronics, namely the impedance and "gain stage sweet spot" has been implemented.

In this review, Tosh takes us through the features of the preamps applying them to a variety of inputs.

The 610 Collection is available now via the UAD Store priced at $249.





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Wildman    Said...

I like your bedside manner. Should of been a doctor. Nice Vid.

07-Jul-14 10:56 AM

Studio139    Said...

Very good demo and review. The 610-B sounds and behaves very much like the Solo 610 hardware, (no EQ on the stand alone.) This has made me think the 610-A would be worth adding. The examples highlight that the effect is subtle, but tangible, which is what makes these useful tools instead of gimmicks. Great job!

07-Jul-14 10:00 PM

Matthew Tanner    Said...

Great demo! I like the understated, no-nonsense delivery and it makes a nice change to hear some Latin and jazz music on the site. The 610-A in particular is v. tempting.

08-Jul-14 08:55 AM

EMwhite    Said...

Bloke has in depth knowledge of using this gear professionally no doubt; the level of detail overwhelmed me somewhat and I lost interest about 1/2 way through... until he got to the Bass portion and I heard (albeit with internet audio compression likely) the warmth of the overdriven 'tube'.

I play through a Mesa with Tube front end and that tone is priceless. If I didn't have that, I might bite on this; I'm a lowly UAD-2 owner, not Apollo but I continue to be impressed with what UA is doing.

And very good review, a bit dry as compared to Nick's style but very good none the less; the variety is welcome.

08-Jul-14 10:27 AM

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