Podcast: Sonic TALK 367 - What Are You Learning?

Crow for sale.      09/07/14

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70:40 mins


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We have a small gsthering and a news light week whcih results in a free form chat covering a variety of subjects - audio vs video compression, attitudes to sampling since 1988, we ask - what are you learning and Mark's story on selling a dead crow is not to be missed.

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LagrangeAudio    Said...

Any increase in resolution is usually exponential, in many cases by a factor of 4 if simply doubling both the width and height in simple terms. Sometimes it's more than that. Calculating compression ratios that still maintain a reasonably 'good' picture can be a significant challenge and everyone has their own benchmarks. Audio compression came first a long time ago and is now very mature. It's not that audio doesn't get the love, it had it in the past in a big way. It's now video's turn.

09-Jul-14 11:01 PM

Studio139    Said...

For having technical issues, it was an enjoyable show. It should have been titled "Voodoo Unblocked" or "Everything's gone funny".

10-Jul-14 01:15 AM

Atomic Shadow    Said...

Nice to see that you worked the crow in to the title graphic. That was one of the funniest things I have heard in ages. Seriously. There are professional comedians who are not as funny.

10-Jul-14 08:03 AM

KingVidiot    Said...

Great show as usual.

"Aw man, everything's gone funny." :-)

I've had various critters in my freezer on and off for years, when getting ready to put them in the dermestid box to create mounted skeletons. Bird skulls are amazing.

Those new iOS controls look interesting.

Dave's story about being an expert turnip twaddler was classic.

Are you going to get your hands on a DSI Pro 2 for review?

10-Jul-14 04:09 PM

adriaan Taylor    Said...

whats the deal or do you have a link to the ios control stuff you guys showed? Had no luck googling it.

11-Jul-14 02:43 PM

L56    Said...

Adraain Taylor

You mean this one? http://www.maplin.co.uk/p/ion-scratch-2-go-dj-system-for-ipad-n40qj

11-Jul-14 06:30 PM

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