New Alessandro Cortini Album - SONNO

Made on tour with NIN using a Roland MC-202      15/07/14

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Those of you who are regular readers will know that I'm a big fan of Alessandro Cortini - as well as being a proficient user of the Buchla system - he's one of the few people I know of to apply it to contemporary, non-experimental music (ducks for cover...)

His SONOIO RED and BLUE albums from 2010 are masterpieces of synthesis and composition IMHO. You may have recently seen our Rig Tour from the NIN gig in London's O2 arena - Alessandro is currently on keyboard and synth (amongst other instruments) duties with the band on its World Tour.

While on the road, he's been working on music from his hotel rooms. Perhaps as an antidote to the full-on cash-rich production of a NIN arena tour, he's scaled it back to a single instrument - the Roland MC-202, and perhaps by the sound of it a few Strymon pedals. Its a study in electronic minimalism.

The result is a simple, ethererial mix of single voice sequences and delay patterns with subtly evolving tonality using the filter and delay degeneration. It is available via Hospital Productions.

We like it. You can download the full album now from iTunes now, with vinyl and physical releases coming soon.



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