Summer NAMM 2014: Dave Smith Pro 2 First Look

Sound On Sound gets the skinny from Carsten      18/07/14
Summer NAMM 2014: Dave Smith Pro 2 First Look

The Dave Smith Instruments Pro 2 caused some jaws to drop when it was anounced a few weeks back. The premium  4 DSP Oscillator mono synth (4 voice paraphonic too) features digital waveforms with an analog path through the discrete filter and VCA with a TON of moodulation possibilities.

Sound On Sound got the first look at the Summer NAMM show

Additionally, there's CV and Gate IO to hook up to your existing modular gear.

Expected shipping Late July/Early August,  $1999

Full Specification


  • Four DSP-based oscillators plus one sine wave sub oscillator
  • Four classic wave shapes (saw, square, triangle, sine) per oscillator
  • Twelve selectable complex shapes per oscillator
  • 13 Superwaves
  • Three noise types per oscillator: white, pink, violet
  • Shape modulation/pulse width/superwave detune amount
  • Oscillator cross modulation: frequency modulation (FM) and amplitude modulation (AM)
  • Hard sync, individual Glide, Oscillator Slop

Paraphonic Playability

  • True 4-voice paraphonic mode with individually-gated envelopes per oscillator

Character Effects

  • Five high-quality digital effects. Thicken the signal and add harmonics or completely destroy the signal pre-filter.
  • Girth and Air are high and low shelf equalizers with harmonic excitement. Useful for thickening and/or adding air to the signal.
  • Hack and Decimate are sample and bit rate reduction algorithms which can add subtle grit or completely trash the signal. It's harsh yet musical.
  • Drive is a soft saturator for adding soft distortion and harmonic content to the signal


  • Dual analog filters operate in serial or parallel
  • Filter 1 is a 4-pole resonant analog low-pass filter inspired by the original Prophet-5 filter.
  • Filter 2 is a 2-pole resonant analog state-variable filter inspired by the Oberheim SEM filter and can be continuously varied between low-pass, notch, and high-pass operation, with an optional band-pass mode.
  • Oscillator Split allows oscillators 1 & 2 to be sent to Filter 1 and oscillators 3 & 4 to Filter 2.

Feedback and Delay

  • Tuned Feedback
  • Three-tap syncable delay with feedback and amount controls, pan, and high-pass and low-pass filtering, all per delay. A separate fourth delay is a digital bucket-brigade delay (BBD) for analog-style effects.


  • Five Delay + ADSR envelopes (Filter 1, Filter 2, VCA , and two Auxiliary envelopes)
  • Auxiliary envelopes 4 and 5 freely assignable to multiple modulation destinations
  • All envelopes can repeat/loop


  • Four syncable LFOs with phase offset and slew per LFO


  • 16 x 2 modulation matrix with over 50 mod sources and over 140 mod destinations
  • Parameters that can be sent to CV outputs include oscillators, LFOs, envelopes, sequencer tracks and any other source within the modulation matrix. Runs up to audio rates.
  • Gate Out for triggering external CV-compatible devices; any CV in can be used as a gate input.

Control Voltage Ins & Outs and Gate Out

  • Four 1-volt-per-octave control voltage inputs and outputs for interfacing with modular synths and other CV-compatible devices
  • Modulation assignment buttons enable quick and easy modulation routing.
  • Mod Matrix runs up to audio rates.


  • Advanced step sequencer provides up to 32 steps per sequence and up to 16 tracks.
  • Supports real-time input, rests, and variable-length sequences
  • Syncs to MIDI clock and external audio and CV input
  • Sequences can control not only oscillator pitch but any parameter in the modulation matrix.


  • Sophisticated arpeggiator with up, down, up+down, random, assign modes
  • Supports real-time input, rests, and variable-length sequences
  • Re-latching arpeggiation

Programmable Distortion

  • Stereo analog distortion


  • More than 50 knobs and 65 buttons enable deep and comprehensive editing with minimal menu diving.
  • Backlit pitch and mod wheels are easily visible in low-light situations and have a smooth yet precise feel and response.
  • Independently adjustable upper and lower pitch wheel range
  • Two assignable position- and pressure-sensitive latchable touch sliders for enhanced interactivity and control
  • Full-sized, three-and-a-half-octave, semi-weighted keyboard with velocity and aftertouch


  • 396 user and 396 factory programs
  • Playlist mode for generating easily accessible setlists of your favorite programs

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Magikroom    Said...

Every SOS Video "Ok, we're here with 'x'...what do we have here?" Eons later, "How much is it and when will it ship"

The most dullest videos out there.

18-Jul-14 04:05 AM

Meneer Vincent    Said...

The dull guy with his microphone, hand in the pocket not interested it all it seems. Could also interview a productmanager for magnetrons.

18-Jul-14 04:24 AM

Peter k.    Said...

Dull but functional.

18-Jul-14 04:35 AM

anti nazi    Said...

Gaza strip rioter says what's the UK price

18-Jul-14 05:54 AM

Jerry    Said...

what are you all complaining about? The interviewer is EPIC. He is honest, and let them do the talking. Also his face at around: 5:00 speaks more than words. LOL

18-Jul-14 10:19 AM

fbonso    Said...

excruciating meeting of hairstyles

18-Jul-14 10:33 AM

Living a Lie, Timmy!    Said...

What were you guys expecting him to do? Jumping jacks as the guy presented the synth to us? Seemed to me like a laid back kind of guy that's all.

18-Jul-14 11:35 AM


Jumping jacks would've been nice... Maybe some jazzersizing... I like the Pro2

18-Jul-14 12:08 PM

bernd    Said...

2k for a mono.. we're not talking about a moog but a ds instrument.. a little more and you can have the P12. not as many superwaves but that's not even needed with that polyphony.. 2k makes no sense.

18-Jul-14 01:15 PM

Peter K.    Said...

I like that it's not a sensationalist approach to the video, btw.

To me, this is almost like the best bits of a Mono/Poly, Pro One, an SEM and a Prophet 12 rolled into a compact and awesome synth and a dope sequencer. I think it's going to be amazing and I will be getting one.

To me, this just nudged the Sub 37 out of the way. Besides, if it were another cheap mono, we'd all be complaining that nobody is building any high end gear. Built in power supply and aftertouch. Love it.

18-Jul-14 02:38 PM

Benedict J    Said...

That is one disinterested ginger

He wants to hear a sequencer, but doesn't care about the supersaws

18-Jul-14 03:05 PM

sonic socialite    Said...

this is going to be my first dsi. cant wait!

18-Jul-14 03:51 PM

Dr.Filterstein    Said...

Think twice bevor you buy it. Next year DSI will release the polyphonic version of Pro2 and some of you will regard to have wasted so much money for the mono/parphonic Pro 2.The same story with Mopho Keyboard and Mopho X4. This is the buisiness-strategie of DSI. First sell a mono version to people, one or two years later sell a poly version to same people.

18-Jul-14 04:32 PM

raphus    Said...

I also like the SOS guy's non-sensationalist style. I want to hear from the interviewee, not the interviewer.

It sounds like a fantastic synth. I don't really need a mono, but I hope this sequencer and synth engine make it into a poly sometime soon.

18-Jul-14 06:29 PM

abc47    Said...

I agree with you Dr.Filterstein.

I will not be going for the Pro2 & wait for DSI next step. But I already have the P12 - hope DSI finish updating P12 for bug fixes soon...

I'm looking forward to the sub37 so much more that anything based on P12. The P12 is great but is depends on what your looking for - I'd suspect the Pro2 is the same. Deep & a great programming synth. But I get more instant fun out of the SubPhatty, it just seems more instant gratification. So assuming the Sub37 will expand on that.

The P12 you can do so much, but you have to work/put in time for your sounds. Pro2 should be very very similar I'd think.

19-Jul-14 12:26 AM

bernd    Said...

I completely agree with Filterstein. I personally think it's a joke to pay this much for a mono that's not a moog. Moogs make excellent monophonic synthesizers as they just ooze character. A poly would still be nice for chords but a moog still has to offer so much for monophonic tracks. This is not the case for DS instruments. They don't ooze character and hence are better suited for pads and the likes, stuff you play polyphonically. A DS monophonic instrument is a joke.

19-Jul-14 03:28 PM

schmoidal    Said...

Still would like to get my hands on a MFB-DOMINION 1 for pure osc and filter comparison's.......

23-Jul-14 11:26 PM

Peter K.    Said...

I understand when people say that the DSI filters lack the trademark character of a Moog, but sometimes that can be a good thing.

I think DSI's analog stuff sounds really good, even if it's not as readily identifiable.

As far as their mono synths being a joke, I would have to disagree. While their analog stuff is pretty straight ahead (awesome modulation possibilities notwithstanding), I don't think anyone who has ever played or owned the Mono Evolver Keyboard would be inclined to say that it was a joke or lacking in personality.

I feel that this has the potential to be really great. I don't think it's wise to write it off because it's primarily a mono synth.

27-Jul-14 04:59 PM

Peter K.    Said...

Sorry for all the posts, but I also felt I should add that I'm not anti-Moog in any way. I have a few of them, and I think they're great.

27-Jul-14 05:01 PM

Ben    Said...

Here's another video (almost the same presentation but a bit more info regarding the seq):

29-Jul-14 07:03 AM

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