5 Minutes With an AIRA SYSTEM-1

Great workout with lots of poly action      30/07/14

Roland AIRA System-1 user GStormElectro posted this video demonstrating a nice variety of sounds from the recently released DSP synth from Roland.

With judicious use of the built-in effects and lots of poly sounds, it shows off some of the aspects of the synth nicely. In fact if you check out his series of videos X Minutes With..(where X=number of minutes with a particular instrument) you might enjoy them.

Do check out our own review of the Roland System-1 (part 1) too if you want to know more.





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selercs    Said...

Sounds pretty analog to me. Far more so than Virus, Nord or any other VA synth.

30-Jul-14 02:56 PM

Jack    Said...

Sounds like the M-Audio Venom!

30-Jul-14 04:37 PM

al_bot    Said...

sounds like a vary capable synth!

still on the fence. oddly i thought the gaia sounded more appealing to my ears...

i must be deaf...

30-Jul-14 09:19 PM

Leslie    Said...

Still sounds very digital. I have VSTi's and AU's that sound "warmer", analog like. Not worth the money if you ask me, but than again, what do I know ;)

31-Jul-14 02:55 AM

Markus    Said...

NO AFTERTOUCH...!!! You've got be kidding...

31-Jul-14 03:02 AM

ydltr    Said...

How can you hear it sounds like analog? Its covered in a bath full of digital effects. My guess is that any DAW nowadays has at least one plugin that sounds about the same.

31-Jul-14 03:37 AM

hardware friend    Said...

Whether or not you can do it with a VST is not the point, you dont get a physical interface with a VST and that makes a BIG difference when you are interacting with an instrument

31-Jul-14 12:53 PM

woodster 77    Said...

Tbh,,,,, if I were starting out again, for the price, id have it

Good solid entry synth, and mono timbral, so you HAVE to record it and move on, no endless re tweeki g of tracks like the virus ,

Could turn out to be quite a productive synth

31-Jul-14 01:43 PM

Man Vs. Machine    Said...

Kinda of a funny story recently went into my local music instrument store to take a look at the shiny and flashy Roland System-1, had a play about with it and thought hmm sounds ok, thought the keyboard action was terrible and actually it sounded alot like any other digital virtual analog synth from the last decade. I was then about to walk away a bit disappointed when noticed they had a second-hand Roland SH-101 for sale for the same price. I have previously owned a couple of these years ago and had parted company with them for one reason or another. I then found myself unable to part with my old analogue monosynth jamming buddy and snapped it up, even came with a hard case with 'Roland' stencil sprayed across it. It was like I was reunited with an old friend. No midi, usb or plug-out but a whole load of random unpredictible analogue warmth instead.

31-Jul-14 06:05 PM

Israel is murderous and genocidal    Said...

I have the jp 8080 and as yet the system 1 really is a let down. The plug out sounds ok but as someone just pointed out why not buy the real machines/ I bought the Voice transformer and the bass line and I am very happy with them both. I really like my Roland Jp 8080. Lets hope Roland keep working on new synths.

01-Aug-14 02:48 AM

RP    Said...

I think if someone had minimal hardware synths (say just starting out or the likes) and just didn't need to get super deep into synthesis this would be a good buy. Seems pretty all round decent and I like that plug-out concept.

I on the other hand am probably indicative of a lot of you, there's a pile of dust gathering synths I've bought over the years sitting in the corner. Sad as this seems it's like a bridge too far with limited time and limited physical studio space to find a spot for them, route them audio and midi-wise in a way that can be recorded and deal with the issues like why out of nowhere on any given day one of them stops receiving midi or stops transmitting audio correctly etc etc. Roland, Korg, Access, Waldorf, Novation, Nord, Yamaha, Akai...all just used as the new toys for a few months then discarded for the next 10 out of 10 Future Music reviewed synth I 'HAD' to have.

I have absolutely no doubt I'd add this to the list. Soft synths man, I tell you, designed for fickle gearheads like me.

01-Aug-14 07:57 AM

Kevin Nolan    Said...

This sounds like a thousand other CAs and plugins.

to make this work, Roland need to be nothing short of impeccable and forensically precise in emulating monosynths like the Sh101 and Promars.

I hear absolutely nothing here that sounds remotely like a mono synth.

Roland - here's what you need to do for your next demo.

1- Remove ALL effects

2- Remove ALL polyphonic behaviour

3- Have an exquisite lead player /reviewer like Katsunori UJIIE demo it

4. ONE OSCILLATOR PLEASE - NO MORE - we need to hear the fundamental character of the fundamental oscillator



Nick - can you arrange that?

Otherwise Roland - you are utterly wasting our time, and wasting your own resources.

If you want this to be successful, make it strong - and demo it purely and exquisitely.

The rest (like this demo) - is JUNK !!

02-Aug-14 11:22 AM

Dr.Filterstein    Said...

Kevin, go in a musicstore and check it out.

02-Aug-14 12:42 PM

Kevin Nolan    Said...


Pause, scroll up your browser, take a look at the title of this site.

Now - get that?

Next - check out the purpose of this site. Take a look at some of the site posts, their written and video content, Nick's regular video posts and chats and that sort of thing.

Done that?

Now - ask youself - "what's the purpose of this site?"

Done that?

Do you see the answer?

No - check your comment to me. Do you see how ridiculous it is?

If not - repeat until you "get it".

02-Aug-14 01:09 PM

Grantham    Said...

I'm betting money Kevin Nolan is single, even though he'll say he isn't, he is. What a particularly snotty response to someone who just suggested trying the thing out if you want than tangible, unfiltered demo that meets your specific requirements. It was a fair suggestion.

Now, go to http://www.match.com

Done that?

Find love and stop being so angry

Done that?

If not repeat until you "get it"

02-Aug-14 01:44 PM

Kevin Nolan    Said...

Thanks for the pointer Grantham - crikey - you that URL by heart !!


02-Aug-14 01:47 PM

Kevin Nolan    Said...

Just thought I'd pop back and offer my apologies to Dr.Filterstein and Grantham - poor responses in my part and I'm genuinely sorry for being sarcastic; and for messing up this interesting thread on an interesting product.

So my apologies to you both, and kudos to all, including Roland - life's too short for the nonsense I propagated here - there are too many interesting things to do in music.

I'll end on my original point - I'd like to hear a review of System-1 synth basics to hear how clear and characterful it it.

05-Aug-14 04:01 PM

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