Teenage Engineering's Tiny Drummachine Gets An Outing

PO-12 From a tent in Sweden      30/07/14

We saw a little information on Teenage Engineering's new baby a few months back. Its an interesting 16 sound, 16 effect machine with a parameter lock step sequencer built on a very compact circuit board. What we see here is still unfinished - there will be a case, small display and a few other refinements, but eseentially this is it.

Whats most amazing is the target price - TE are hoping to bring it in for around $50! Considering their usual premium priced hardware - check the OP-1, its quite a change of direction, and if they pull it off, could sell by the boatload.

In this demo filmed at a festival in Norberg, Sweden, captured by musical jamming ace - Cuckoo - you may know him for his brilliant work with Elektron gear, we can hear what it's capable of already.





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Leigh Kemp    Said...

Love the supermarket hanger mount built into the PCB.

30-Jul-14 08:57 AM

Coz    Said...

A drum machine that looks like a calculator... nice.

30-Jul-14 09:27 AM

Studio139    Said...

It looked like it was synced to the OP1, but it was hard to tell. It looks like it has a lot of potential.

31-Jul-14 12:02 AM

Bill    Said...

These are going to sell like pot noodles if they get it right. I can see this out-doing the Korg volca stuff

31-Jul-14 07:05 AM

Bill    Said...

Very Cute, I think they shouldnt bother with a case or LCD

31-Jul-14 01:32 PM

Mattsynth    Said...

I think Bill said it right "very cute". For $50.00 its a fun toy but just like the Volca stuff this will get very boring sounding very fast and wind-up on eBay. Its just not for me.

06-Aug-14 06:57 AM

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