The Worlds First Commercially Available Brainwave to Musical Instrument Interface

Sound Machines BI1brainterface lets you control your synths with your brain!      06/08/14

Ever wanted to control your synths with your brain? Thats exactly what the Sound Machines BI1brainterface lets you do. It has CV and MIDI outs that are derived from your brain activity, allowing you to affect parameters of your hardware.

Official release is September and will be shipping at the end of the month. Prices will be forth coming!



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Funkdefino    Said...

I guess you guys never heard of the IBVA.

06-Aug-14 07:43 AM

Roberto    Said...

I already control all of my gear with my brain - via my hands!

06-Aug-14 08:00 AM

Smedley    Said...

Exactly! Hands are a much more precice interface for the brain.

06-Aug-14 11:06 AM

Sami    Said...

Yes, but does it have fter touch?

06-Aug-14 05:22 PM

Studio139    Said...

Well, to drive technology forward, this sort of development makes sense, but talk about making a simple task complicated and expensive. You can do the same thing with a twist of a knob, an expression pedal, a control message, etc. No, let's make it less reliable and increase lag time! Too smart for me!

06-Aug-14 10:45 PM

bogdan    Said...

Isn't imitone – pitch and modulation control with of your voice –better than this?

07-Aug-14 04:41 PM

Alex    Said...

perhaps this device has been done to try something new, it may be useful for those who do NOT have a good mobility of the hands or none at all, or for even more control over the machines (as well as the hands and feet). What I can not understand is if the device has a predictable behavior once set, if when a person is training to use it can predict what will happen to the sound according to his thinking, or if it works like a chaotic algorithm that can not be to fully control.

08-Aug-14 04:41 AM

nick    Said...

so, only parameters eh? I guess it's a start

11-Aug-14 01:09 AM

selercs    Said...

I have complete music tracks and videos playing in my mind a lot of times. It will be cool when this technology projects to where you can project your complete music from brain to recording.

11-Aug-14 08:06 AM

Peter K.    Said...

If it doesn't have aftertouch, perhaps it has afterthought instead.

12-Aug-14 09:11 PM

Gyula Markovits    Said...

I think that this could be the early stage of something that for us right it is very but in 20,30 or 100 years imagine that you could put a helmet and think of a sound and bum is there,I think that we should not be so skeptic even if we would not be interested,give them some credit for trying spending the time in creating such of thing

14-Aug-14 02:57 AM


aye, well the whole point is controlling machines with your mind...apart from the obvious inclusive nature of this control for differently-able folks, ffs...come on..CONTROLLING MACHINES WITH YOUR MIND!!!

15-Aug-14 01:22 PM

davide    Said...

Hi SonicState, want to play with one for a review? Please contact me at davide.mancini(AT)sound-machines(DOT)it

24-Nov-14 05:31 AM

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