325 Dubstep Loops

ModernBeats releases Dubstep X loop library      04/09/14

325 Dubstep Loops

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ModernBeats has just released the Dubstep X loop library, featuring over 325 Dubstep Dance music loops in construction-style layout. Here's what they have to say about it...

Dubstep X Music Loops includes 740+ files in 3 formats (Acidized WAV, Apple Loops AIFF, & Reason REX2) for a total size of 1GB. The library is structured into 3 popular dubstep tempos: 128 BPM, 132 BPM, and 140 BPM. Each of the 3 tempo groups contains several multi-track loop themes including up to 11 variations per theme: "Intro1", "Intro2", "Intro3", "Hook1", "Hook2", "Verse1", "Verse2", "Verse3", "Break1", "Break2", and "Outro". Each multi-track variation is separated in its individual instrument loop file such as bass synths, gritty synth leads, distorted guitar, orchestral strings, sound effects, vocal accents, and more.

'Dubstep X Loops' comes loaded with a wide variety of contemporary instruments & effects specifically for dubstep & dance music production. Providing musicians with hundreds of thunderous dubstep melodies, all loops are modeled after Dubstep's best such as top-charting recording artists Skrillex, Flux Pavilion, Nero, Bassnectar, Datsik, Knife Party, & Excision.

'Dubstep X Loops' list of instruments include:

  • Dubstep Monster Bass
  • Dubstep Lead Synths
  • Dubstep Sync Synths
  • Dubstep Subtractive Synths
  • Dubstep Synth Pads
  • Arcade Sound FX
  • Arpeggio Synths
  • Distorted Guitar
  • Electric Bass
  • Electric Keyboards
  • Ensemble Strings
  • Flange Synths
  • Harp & Harpsichords
  • Leslie & Organ Pads
  • Marcato Strings
  • Monophonic Glide Synths
  • Orchestral Stabs
  • Piano & Rhodes
  • Saw Synth Bass & Leads
  • Sine Wave Sub Bass
  • Noise Sound FX & Vocal FX
  • Tape Stop Sound FX

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