Super Lux Wooden Case For OP-1 From Pendeo

For the muso who has everything      09/09/14

Buying Choices

The Teenage Engineering OP-1 certainly divides opionion - some think its the most beautiful and useful instrument since the dawn of time, and others well, don't.

You can make up your own mind of course - we reviewed it.

But assuming you have one, and you want to increase the lux factor, then the Pendeo case could be just about the coolest thing ever. Made from solid Burmese Teak, it holds together with Neodymium magnets, features milled slots for a tablet, USB lead and included Monolith adapter to bring the connections (audio in/out USB) around 90 degrees.

Hey its not cheap, but looks lovely and presumably might even float if you drop it off the side of your yacht.

Pre-order at $229




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