Richard Devine On The Akai Rhythm Wolf

Must be a full moon      09/09/14

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So we finally know someone who has got their hands on the mythical Akai Rhythm Wolf Drum Machine (vapourware wolf anyone?). After it's non arrival after Musik Messe, people were sceptical.

But its all true, the analog Akai Rhythm Wolf does exist, and there are more than one, Richard Devine is playing two of them in this video where he hooks it up with his massive modular setup.

Its not totally clear what is doing what here, but I like it. In the first video modular glitch supremo Devine makes a floaty ambient tune. Amazing what you can do with a couple of low cost analog drum machines and $40k+ of modular kit..

Then in the second video below he discusses why analog is so appealing right now.

Still no delivery date or final pricing but we assume it must be close if Akai iare making promo videos.

For more info on what Richard Devine does, check out the Live Blog he did for us. Its fascinating.


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