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Tomorrows Modern Boxes - very electronic it is too      26/09/14

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As with most things Radiohead, they do things their own way, who can forget the pay what you like caper of In Rainbows? An interesting idea somewhat kept afloat by having one of the biggest band brands in indie music of course.

This time the Radiohead machinery is releasing an 8-track Thom Yorke record titled "Tomorrow's Modern Boxes". The novelty being that they are using this as an experiment to see if a special paywalled version of Bit Torrent can be used to effectively distribute the album. Quite provocative as Bit Torrent is seen by many labels and film studios as the devils work.

There are some interesting words to accompany the release along the lines of freeing the artist from the tyranny of the "elected gatekeepers".

It also seems to be something new that Radiohead are behind more generally to allow anyone to sell digital content on their own terms, perhaps a reference to the 30% cut iTunes take, or perhaps the paltry Spotify royalties to anyone apart from huge brand name type bands (like Radiohead) generally recieve. Who knows?

An interesting idea and judging by the promo video it's not a bad set of tunes. Though I must say, Thom's looking a bit rough.

You'll need $6 (via Paypal) and a Bit Torrent client to access the files once you've completed the purcahase your preferred Bit Torrent client will grab the album for you.


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