Percussion From Everyday Objects

ModeAudio releases Undercover - Found Percussion Samples      02/10/14

Percussion From Everyday Objects

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ModeAudio tells us that Undercover - Found Percussion Samples is an organic percussion library like no other. Here's the story in their own words...

"Plunge head-first into an endless corridor of curious sonic objects, from mellow wooden taps, searing metallic scrapes, deep plastic thuds and clinking glass, to rasping cardboard, spraying cans, tearing paper, tinkling keys and so very much more!

We stockpiled a vast array of everyday objects from the weird to the wonderful and have captured only the strangest and the best sounds we could produce with each one. Each sound has been expertly recorded and carefully processed to produce colourful, characterful sounds that can be slotted into virtually any context without any additional work.

On top of the original found percussion material, we also mixed and matched our favourite sounds and carried out extra tweaks to produce 30 snappy, thumping kick, clap and hi hat samples that will happily sit alongside the meanest drum samples in your library. Add 10 customised kit sampler patches into the bargain you can see why you need Undercover - Found Percussion Samples in your collection now!"

Pack Details:

  • 230 samples (wood, plastic, metal, glass, lids, mixed objects & much more)
  • 10 percussion sampler patches (Ableton Live, Reason, Logic & FL Studio)
  • also available sampled at original 96kHz sample rate
  • 100% royalty-free

Pricing and Availability:
£14 / $22.70 / €17.93

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