Octatrack Is Back

Elektron's performance sampler is available again with new OS and sounds      21/10/14

Octatrack Is Back

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Swedish music machine maker Elektron has been in touch to tell us that they have received a big batch of the dynamic performance sampler Octatrack, which has been out of stock for more than 10 months. To celebrate the return of the Octatrack, Elektron announces a slew of Octatrack related news:

New Octatrack OS
Octatrack OS 1.25C is now available. The OS takes care of several bugs and offers stability improvements.

OS 1.25C can be downloaded from the Octatrack Downloads section

Central Sidstation Sound pack for the Octatrack

The brand new Central Sidstation Sound pack is brimming with gritty home computerish sounds. Better yet, when buying an Octatrack from the Elektron Online Shop, Central Sidstation is included free of charge. Offer valid until Oct 31.

Pricing and Availability:
Octatrack: £1,099


Central Sidstation Sound pack: £25

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