Create Music With Your Voice And An iPad

TC-Helicon releases Voice Jam Studio      05/11/14

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TC-Helicon says that Voice Jam Studio for iPad, is quite simply the most powerful thing to happen to the human voice since the microphone. Here's what a spokesperson told us,

"Voice Jam Studio allows you to create music with just your voice and an iPad. With professional quality vocal effects, advanced multitrack looper, and the ability to record your performance and easily share in on YouTube or SoundCloud.

Looping, which enables a series of words and sounds to be recorded in layers over one another, has become popularized by major artists including Ed Sheeran, KT Tunstall, Dub FX, Imogen Heap and Ani DiFranco. This musical art form was pioneered by TC-Helicon in its professional music hardware products, and now the company is bringing this powerful tool to aspiring musicians of all levels, who can now explore their voices and unlock their full potential as artists, on a powerful, easy-to-use iPad app."

Pricing and Availability:
Introductory price of $9.99 (regular price $19.99) at the app store.

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