Write Our Theme Tune And Win Big With IZotope

Sonic TALK intro competition      18/12/14

Our weekly Sonic TALK podcast has had a listener penned composition for some time now, the last time we ran acompetition to be the sound of Sonic TALK intro was a huge succes and caused the panel of judges to deliberate long and hard.

We're now running a new themetune competition after most excellent listener Steve Blacker provided us with a great new animation.

iZotope are stumping up their Creative Bundle worth $499 featuring IRIS 2, Break Tweaker Expanded (plus four expansions), Trash 2 (plus 2 expansions) and Stutter Edit - how about that!?!

Enter with the form below: or visit the Sonic TALK Live page (you'll need to scroll down)

You can see the standard of entries last time  below:



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