Pittsburgh Modular Releases New Filter Module

The Fltr voltage controlled, analog, state variable filter is limited to 60 units only      09/02/15

Pittsburgh Modular Releases New Filter Module

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PIttsburgh Modular says that the Fltr, a voltage controlled, analog, state variable filter, is a distilled version of their classic Filter module and offers the same warm and gummy sounds in half the space.

A spokesperson told us, "The Fltr utilizes the same core circuitry as our Filter module so the sound is identical. The state variable topology was chosen because it allowed us to produce a very smooth and natural sounding filter, in addition to offering several filter states, each with a unique sound and energy all their own.

The Fltr offers a warm, organic sweep through the full frequency range. The lowpass filter is gummy and relaxed while the highpass is clean and defined. The goal was to produce a filter that does not have a single sweet spot. We worked to make every turn of a knob offer something musically engaging. Multiple filter responses are available simultaneously including lowpass, highpass, and bandpass.

The module is available now exclusively at our website. Production of the FLTR was limited to 60 modules and once it is gone, it is gone."


  • Frequency Knob - Adjusts the cutoff frequency of the filter.
  • Frequency CV Knob - Attenuator and/or invert the frequency CV input.
  • Resonance Knob - Adjusts the resonance (Q) of the filter.
  • Frequency CV Input Jack - Frequency CV input.
  • Input Jack - Audio input.
  • Highpass Output Jack - 12db highpass filter output.
  • Bandpass Output Jack - 12db bandpass filter output.
  • Lowpass Output Jack - 12db lowpass filter output.

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