Yaybahar Meets Elektrons

New video shows freshly-invented acoustic instrument in a jam with Elektron machines      13/03/15

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Elektron has unveiled a musical collaboration with the inventor of the acoustic instrument Yaybahar. They say that Elektron Jam Session 7: Yaybahar meets Elektrons is an aural journey into the unknown.

A spokesperson told us, "Rarely does a completely new acoustic instrument get as recognized as the Yaybahar. Mere days after being published online, the video featuring the musician/inventor playing his creation had been seen by literally millions of viewers. There's a reason for this level of popularity. The Yaybahar sounds like nothing else. Strange and majestic. Part string instrument, part apocalyptic dream generator. When the Yaybahar is teamed up with Elektron machines two very similar worlds meet. One acoustic, one electronic - both of the progressive kind. The essence is the same, only the means are different. And the outcome defies categorization."

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