Plug-In Turns Mono To Stereo

Voxengo Releases Spatifier Spatial Enhancer      23/03/15

Plug-In Turns Mono To Stereo

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Voxengo has announced the release of Spatifier, which the describe as a "mono to stereo" spatial enhancer plugin for professional sound and music production applications.  They say that this plugin can be effectively used to turn mono tracks into spatially-enhanced stereo tracks and tell us that it works great for clean and distorted guitars, synth instruments, piano, organ, back vocals and other sounds.  Beside that, they believe that Spatifier can be used to "densify" the sound of reverb sends, and to add "body" to thin and flat sounds. Here's more details in Voxengo's own words...

Spatifier decorrelates the signal in the left and right channels while retaining the "mono compatibility".  Such decorrelation creates the "as wide as possible" surround effect.  This effect can be usually used in place of double-tracking technique.  The spatial impression can be adjusted in the range from the "in your face" direct to a distant reverby sound.

Spatifier achieves its result by first designing a complex impulse response that is then used by its internal convolution processor.  The impulse response is defined by means of graphic equalizer-like controls (which can be adjusted in a freehand mode with the right mouse button).  This makes it possible to set the spatial effect for each frequency band individually.  In many practical cases Spatifier adds a great deal of warmness and enriches the timbre of the sound being processed.

Spatifier features:

  • 16 frequency bands
  • 6 spatial impressions
  • Selectable random variations
  • Stereo processing
  • 64-bit floating point processing
  • Preset manager
  • Undo/redo history
  • All sample rates support
  • Zero processing latency

Pricing and Availability:
Introductory price: $59.95 - 15% off regular price of $69.95. 

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