Bach to Moog After 30 Years

Sony Music to release an album showcasing the Moog Modular      26/03/15

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If you are involved in this weird world of synthesizers in any way, then you probably heard at NAMM that the Moog Modular will be reissued after more than 30 years out of production. If you haven't already seen our feature with Gordon Reid from SOS then do check it out!

To mark the 50th anniversary of Moog synthesizers and to mark 10 years of Bob Moog's passing, Sony Music will be releasing a brand new album showcasing the reissued Moog Modular, as well as the modern generation of Moog synthesizers - 'Bach to Moog'. Presenting the works of Johann Sebastian Bach "in a compelling and comtemporary way"

The album is produced by American-born composer, arranger and record producer Craig Leon, famous for his work with The Ramones and Blondie, as well as his work in the classical arena with such leading artists as Luciano Pavarotti, Joshua Bell and Sir James Galway

You can see Craig Leon talking about the project in the video above.

It seems that this modern recording of Bach will take a lot less time to complete than the painstaking work of Wendy Carlos in her 'Switched on Bach' by incorporating a live ensemble, modern multitrack recording techniques, and a violin virtuosa and integrating the Moog modular synthesizer into the orchestra as a solo instrument, in ensemble and also as a processor of other instruments.

(via MoogMusic)


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